Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Call or Email Useless Governor Scott: Tell Him to Veto SB 682. By Geniusofdespair

 They are spreading this coal ash shit everywhere...let's help Clean Water Action stop it! I don't want to be breathing in dust laced with heavy metals and toxins, I posted on this problem before...Geniusofdespair

Clean Water Action's Angelique Giraud with Governor Rick Scott at Everglades Coalition Meeting.

Florida’s public health and water resources are in jeopardy. Clean Water Action is calling on Governor Rick Scott to veto dangerous legislation that could expose our communities to toxic coal ash, the waste from coal-fired power plants. Here is a link to tell Governor Scott to be a leader and protect public health and our water supply and veto SB 682 NOW! You can also call him at (850) 488-7146.

The Florida Legislature passed a bill that puts our communities at heightened risk of exposure to toxic coal ash. Governor Scott should veto SB 682 to protect the health of our communities, our water supply, and our environment.

Coal ash is the waste byproduct generated by coal-fired power plants. Emission controls are used to capture and trap heavy metals, radioactive particles, and other toxic compounds to keep them out of the air we breathe. Coal ash is the toxic remainder collected by these devices and contains toxic substances that are known to cause cancer and neurologic damage.

SB 682 threatens Florida's public health and water resources!
• SB 682 defines several ways to reuse toxic coal ash as filler in products like road pavement, agricultural soil, and roofing materials, significantly increasing human and environmental exposure. These uses have not yet been tested for safety with federally approved protocols.
• SB 682 allows coal ash to be used without any reporting to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) so the public won't know when, where, or how much coal ash is being used.
• SB 682 does not require modern testing for the safety of coal ash on human health or the environment.
Thank you, Angelique Giraud - Clean Water Action - Energy Community Organizer


Anonymous said...

Fossil Fuel Combustion Products (FFCPs) such as coal ash are already being used in Florida.
In 2010, 6.6 million tons of coal ash, was produced in Florida, according to DEP. The majority is used for cement production, road construction, wall board manufacturing, and for agricultural use as a gypsum soil amendment, and the rest is sent to landfills. A large portion of the structural fill used in the current and recent construction of 826 and 836 was coal ash - mountains and mountains of coal ash and fly ash.

Anonymous said...

In Florida, about 50% of coal ash generated each year is reused, mostly for construction projects, as described. This bill would allow utilities to sell coal ash without reporting to FDEP when, where and how much is used. FDEP needs to have oversight and control over coal ash use projects to prevent dangerous pollution.
This bill does not require safety protocols that are needed to protect public health. In the past decade, coal ash has become increasingly toxic. As generators are retrofitted with scrubbers, the air is cleaner and the coal ash poses a new level of hazardous threat.
At best we should be questioning these practices, not signing them into law.

Anonymous said...

You have to be very careful who you take pictures with.

Georgia said...

He is pretty creepy. Or were you talking about him being seen with an environmentalist?

Anonymous said...

A credible person like her should avoid at all cost, photos taken with low- esteem, proven anti-environmentalists like him. So I was referring to her being in a photo with him. Given his pitiful polling numbers now, he is trying to get pictures with anyone who will be seen with him.