Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hiromi Performance April 12th in Miami ROCKED! By Geniusofdespair

We went to see the Hiromi concert at the Adrienne Arsht Center last night.  I thought it was one of the best jazz concerts I have ever been to. There was a standing ovation after almost every song.  One of her signature pieces, I've Got Rhythm was stupendous. (The video in the link is from 2008, she is more refined now with this piece, but you should at least view through 3 minutes to appreciate her playing, if you don't watch it all the way through you will be missing out).

If you liked the I've Got Rhythm video try this piano duet; Hiromi with Chick Corea. This is a more recent video (she has on her website). The rest of the trio is showcased here; Anthony Jackson (Grammy nominated electric bass guitarist) and the drummer Simon Phillips (who played with the Who, Stanley Clarke and Jeff Beck).

I bought her new album, Hiromi: The Trio Project, at the show and went home and downloaded 3 more songs.

It was not hard core jazz, it was great music anyone would enjoy. Catch Hiromi if you can. The Japanese born pianist does have rhythm!


Anonymous said...

I saw it too. Awesome concert.

Anonymous said...

Liked I've got rhythm, the drummer on your more recent video did look familiar, pretty good drum solo at 8 minutes.