Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tolerance for All. Guest Blog by C.J. Ortuño, SAVE Dade

 This thoughtful guest post by CJ Ortuño of SAVE Dade is in response to my blog post "Would You Want To Be Endorsed By This Guy?" from earlier today (you might want to read it first so you know the issue):

As I sit on Lincoln Road next to a live art installation of a peace mural, I'm reminded of what Miami is today juxtaposed that to the recent comments and actions of the so-called Christian Family Coalition and I'm reminded of what Miami once was.

We are a united inclusive Miami. We are a people that celebrate diversity and acceptance. This is who we have become as a result of the work of freedom fighters, activists, and change agents who have helped in wiping away the crud and tarnish we call bigotry and prejudice.  This city, this state, this country and its people are already on a track of progress and anyone standing in the way is simply holding on to an ugly part of our past that once was attributed to servitude, bondage, and exclusion. They are part of the flat earth society and are using the teachings of Christ for ill will and mischievous ends. To pay any homage or gratitude to groups like the CFC is no worse than holding the key to the locks of slavery themselves.

Like all relics that fear the loss of their cause, their reality,  their "truth".... they will lash out with irrational behavior not realizing that they themselves are hammering the last nail in their proverbial coffin.

After reading the Eye On Miami Blog, my wife, my 4 year old daughter, and I walked over and participated in the live mural and signed our names in peace for a Miami we now all know and love - free of hate and discrimination - one that believes in safeguarding American values for everyone.


Anonymous said...

Good guy. Thanks for all you do CJ

Pete said...

What a hypocrite. He preaches tolerance, yet spews nothing but venom against Christian Conservatives. "Locks of slavery?" "Irrational behavior?" This dude just needs to look in the mirror to see an advocate full of hate.

Anonymous said...

No one with brains supports the CFC.

Barbara said...

Oh come on it is irrational to be gay bashing all the time. That is very accurate. There is something wrong to hate any of God's children as a group. But Verdugo is a single target. A very hateful man. He just lumps all gay people together and hates them all.

Geniusofdespair said...

Okay we aren't getting into a pissing match here.

Anonymous said...

The difference is:

No one cares what conservative Christian groups do. But they sure like to be busybodies in everyone else's business. They are trying to curb the behavior of others that are not doing anything illegal. They don't seem to get it that they, the conservative Christians, are the invasive species. They cry foul in the name of God while they have a stick in the beehive. So wrong on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

when it comes to liberals, tolerance is a one way street.

Anonymous said...

7th anon, you're wrong. I'm a card carrying real republican. I find Verduco wrong on a whole bunch of levels & agree with CJ & Save Dade.

I also believe in the separation of church and state, which Verdugo doesn't seem to agree with.

Less is more in my opinion & that also includes the rights of ALL no matter their sexual preference or abortion preference, but then again, I'm an older Republican, not a Tea Pary Rubio fan!