Sunday, March 17, 2013

Get Ready For Some Major Spin About Stadium JOBS. By Geniusofdespair

A little over 2 weeks ago a NEW Political Action Committee was formed to pay for bullshit spin that the Sun Life Stadium renovations (or as I like to view it: Corporate Welfare for a multi-billionaire) is a about jobs. Don't be fooled people! I notice they say "expansion" on the application for the PAC when it is, in fact, a renovation.

Good letter in the Miami Herald
about this by Florida Rep. Michael Bileca, R-115, Rep. Carlos Trujillo, R-105, Rep. Jose Javier Rodriguez, D-112. They say:

"The stadium deal is not economic development. This is simply a sham designed to increase Ross’ shareholder value of the Dolphins franchise. State and local taxpayers should not transfer their hard-earned income to a private citizen. Even if some of the exaggerated economic development numbers are accurate, Ross, post taxpayer funding, would increase his net worth by $200 million."


Anonymous said...

When all else fails, these bastards turn to JOBS.

Anonymous said...

Funny...Eddie Berrones is at that address.

Eduardo Berrones Director Le Jardin Community Centers, Inc. 47 N. Krome Avenue Homestead, FL 33030 ...

Anonymous said...

This Dolphins team have some nerve asking for improvements to anything. Maybe if they start winning some games we might just might feel different about them. I am not going to buy season tickets to see non winners Start winning first then the superbowl will come next.
Eddie, How could you even think of being apart of this SCAM. Looks like another Galata in Homestead.

Anonymous said...

My dogs (or a fifth grader) can figure out the very bad math being proffered by Baretto (US Century, still owes the US taxpayers $50 million w/Perez waiting to bail them out) to Book. What part of tax fiasco/tax increase is lost on some of these GOP legislators i these committees. A tax is a tax is a tax whether it's paid by tourists or not paid via means of a credit. Something else is not going to get funded & it makes tourism more expenses which is a bad idea when people can just go to Ft. Lauderdale.

Anonymous said...

47 North Krome is the old stomping grounds of former county manager Steve "The Snake" Shiver. Looks like he sold it to a new player in town named Jose C Camarillo who has made all the necessary $$$$$ connections with Bateman-Waldman to put up cancer causing cell towers next to schools around town.

47 North Krome Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030

47 North Krome Avenue
Homestead, FL 33030

How do these guys find each other?

Anonymous said...

When I saw the address of this PAC I had to wonder if so much of the bad crap going in in the County has Homestead as ground zero. From Bell to this. It would not surprise me one bit if Shiver was up to his earballs behind the scenes on this. Bell did vote to approve. If Shiver is in the mix somehow it goes back to the fact that he was the one who brought us Lynda Bell. He's also probably looking for $$$ so he can pay back his Maggie Valley investors and he can't raid Andrew Funds or the County directly.

Anonymous said...

"Our ruling

Lobbyist Ron Book said “Super Bowl L by everybody’s estimation is a $500 million economic impact to the state of Florida.”

First, Book uses numbers from a study commissioned by the Host Committee. The numbers take a broad measure of all spending that went on during a Super Bowl week in 2007, without accounting for usual economic activity.

But the main problem with Book’s claim is that “everybody” agrees on that number.

Economics professors argue that studies by boosters routinely inflate costs and fail to take into account net costs or fully account for the fact that some spending locally is sent to corporate chains.

We rate this claim False."

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Homestead and Shiver is a marriage made in HELL, first it was ground zero for developer scams with narrow roads tiny driveways and no garages utilizing every square inch for cookie cutter housing.

Then the subsequent foreclosure epidemic which reduced the taxable property amount by 70%.
Then Homestead became ground zero for Section 8 and gangs who don't pay their utility bills and the city won't dare shut them off out of fear of being shot at.

Now this guy is hooked up with an office running interference for Dolphin lobbyists after Latterner and Rosen refused to take his phone calls begging for another chance. Nothing good happens to come out of Krome Avenue in Holestead.
More on Camarillo please, who is he? How are these guys connected to Ron Book?

Anonymous said...

Holy crap Batman!
This Krome Avenue address is the center of all things Shiver.

47 North Krome, Inc
Com Ned International Inc.
Ghost Town Ghost, LLC
Global Broadband Services, LLC
Global Design Center, LLC
Global Development Partners Corporation
Global Management & Services, LLC
Global Technology Partners, Inc.
Homestead Acres 866, LLC
Homestead Flagler, LLC
Homestead Pioneers, Inc.
Le Jardin Head Start, Inc
Onsite Solutions LLC
Paul and Associates Charitable Foundation Inc
Paul and Associates Law Firm, Inc.
Paul & Associates
Paul & Associates Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Quality Services & Development, LLC
Shiver Realty, LLC
SKYNET360 International, LLC
Solar Star Systems LLC
Tony's Station, LLC

This is like finding a growhouse except the product is corruption and lies instead of pot.

Anonymous said...

To the last anon this is one of the most frightening things I've read in a while. Remember Shiver was the one who brought Bell to the Council. OMG this is just so sleazy I cannot believe it figuratively but do so literally. You're analogy is priceless. By the way, this week there have been some great one liners GoD - maybe save them for an end of the year blog post!

Anonymous said...

I did forget I think Shiver is long neutered in regard to anything at County Hall. He screwed that place up quicker than Bell but probably got a nice pension he's living off of while hiding from investors which makes him a great point man for Baretto - two peas in a pod.

Alex Dominguez said...

Kudos to our reps who took a stand against this sham of a deal. No way voters approve this in Miami Dade.Good job fellas!

Alex Dominguez

Anonymous said...

This stadium deal is another one of those why should they pay for it themselves when we have sucker politicians ready to approve the private bank of the County Tax payers. In the meantime, Ross is very busy trying to bail out the Urban Sprawl rainmaker US Century. Talk about a total sham on the tax payers at all levels. In the article (link below) they are still trying to not repay the debt to the US taxpayers in the US Century bail out and want to negotiate repaying about $5million of the $50million owed to US taxpayers. But they're willing to spend $90million on bad loans. This is the clearest example of how some of these people make there living - off of government money.
from the article and it doesn't mention Ross is asking for taxpayers to pay for his stadium!

"Perez, chairman and chief executive of the Related Group, the investors include:

• Stephen Ross, owner of the Dolphins and Perez’s business partner."

Read more here:

Anonymous said...

Broward is contributing zero and will get 58% of the Super Bowl revenue according to past performance.
What is wrong with Miami Dade County?

Grillo said...

I never did trust Reps. Bileca and Trujillo very much but this letter signed by both and Rep. Rodriguez has given me a new opinion of both. I know Rep. Rodriguez personally so I am glad that all three are working together for the people of Miami-Dade.

Anonymous said...

More bailout money for billionaires. I bet the low IQ politicians at the County fall for it. Another Marlins scam.