Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Marco Rubio: No Photoshop Here. By Geniusofdespair

That is the ear as it appeared on my TV screen last night.

The Miami Herald headline today says "Rubio delivers scathing GOP rebuke." On line they called it a BLISTERING rebuttal. Granted I was taking pictures during it, but I didn't hear a scathing or blistering GOP rebuke. Maybe it was that left ear that had my attention. Never noticed it before. Paul Krugman (who seemed to be paying more attention) of the New York Times, reviewing his speech, says Rubio has learned nothing.

I actually thought the second article, written by Rubio apologist, Marc Caputo was better. He wrote about Rubio's ties to Jeb Bush:
The legislation, which revolves around tax credits, also makes good on a 2010 Rubio campaign pledge, and reinforces his strong ties to former Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, his friend and mentor whose nonprofit education foundation helped shape the legislation.
Caputo said in the article that sources close to Rubio said that Rubio is more likely to run for President than Jeb. Caputo wrote a second article called Thirst for power? Or just thirst? Sen. Marco Rubio's weird, viral dry-mouth moment.

What is going on Caputo? Is the honeymoon with Rubio finally over?

The Dry Mouth Video (only 21 seconds - about 6,000 views not viral yet). There should have been a glass of water on a podium in front of him so it wouldn't have been so awkward. I don't fault him for being thirsty. I once ran out of the room in the middle of a speech at college to use the water fountain:


Anonymous said...

Rubio is endearing in that video clip. I don't think it hurts him one bit. I never noticed the EAR either.

Anonymous said...

All the classic signs and symptoms of a pathological liar.

Anonymous said...

Dude acted as if someone stuck a pine cone up his ass.

When the phone rings at 3am, can you imagine President Rubio reacting favorably? It's not about the drinking of water, or licking his lips, or wiping his brow. It's about rising to the challenge, coming face to face with the biggest moment in his life, and NOT wiffing.

Marconi needed un cerveza, not just water.

Ask yourself this ... did he look even remotely presidential (and we don't mean the high school variety)?

As a progressive, I am tickled (code) pink Rubio is considered the GOP front runner. Four more years for us!

Anonymous said...

it's sad that people are focusing more on ridiculous things like big ears, drinking water, etc. No wonder good people don't want to run for public office anymore ...they are torn apart by the public. Incidentally, no one has picked up on Michelle Obama's table manners. She is always eating with her elbows on the table ...very Presidential indeed.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well you picked up on it didn't you last anon? No wonder good people don't want to run for public office anymore when you are focused on trivials like table manners. Why are you throwing stones when you live in a glass house? Aren't you above our petty stuff?

Anonymous said...

ABC got 50,000 hits on their version of drinking water.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about the water incident was that Rubio was still trying to look at the camera as he awkwardly reached over. It was amusing because he tried to make it seem like it never happened.

Anonymous said...

Ahggggggg, not Marco. Pa-leeeze, this is painful.


Anonymous said...

OMFG - How could someone even fathom the idea, yet alone actually take a sip of water during a 15 minute speech...the nerve

Anonymous said...

Almost as awkward as Jindal.