Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Arrested? Need to Screw Miami Citizens? Get an Attorney. By Geniusofdespair

If all you did to pick out an attorney was to look at an Avvo rating, Kendall Coffey would be your man. If I had my choice, I would pick Ben Kuehne for my defense over Coffey. Sorry Kendall, you did represent Natacha Seijas. That subtracts about 3 points. Subtract another point for your last name, I drink tea. I don't know how they do these ratings, but if you are an attorney and don't do anything, you automatically get a 6.5. Ron Book, Marc Sarnoff, Stanley Price and Kent Harrison Robbins all have a 6.5, as does Katherine Fernandez Rundle. Robert Traurig, practicing 63 years, is not rated. Most lawyers have a 6+ on this site so over 6.5 would be good in Avvo terms.  But how is a 6.5 lawyer different from a 6.7 lawyer?

Avvo Lawyer reviews seem subjective when I compare them to what I know about these lawyers. They seem to be more generous with land use attorneys from big law firms.

Some attorney's don't get a rating, like Cody. I guess sometimes they get it right.
They list peer endorsements. Richard Grosso got a good one from a lawyer in Washington State.
They also have Client endorsements on this site.  I wonder who "Bennett" is.
Nice endorsement but who exactly wrote it?

I can't figure out how they arrive at their number rating. They say "The rating is calculated using a mathematical model that considers the information shown in a professional's profile, including a professional's years in practice, disciplinary history, professional achievements and industry recognition — all factors that, in our opinion, are relevant to assessing a professional's qualifications."

This research proves to me that you need more than a rating number to pick an attorney.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben Kuehne; don't know why but I really like those bow ties too!

If I had a land use issue which went against the master plan, outside the UDB - Bercow would be my number one pick, but I don't and if I did have the problem, I'd just sell the land!

Gross is another favorite. He's an all around good guy. Coffey just makes me laugh because all I can think about when I hear his name is the Carl Hiaasen book & Coffey's wild days!

Anonymous said...

LMAO on Cody. I am mystified by some of the ratings.

Henry said...

You've included a lot of the lawyers who screw us.

Anonymous said...

Xavier Suarez got a higher rating than Roy Black and Katherine Rundle?

Anonymous said...

Roy Black a 7.0.


Anonymous said...

Genius, you find the most interesting information. Thank you! Cody's rating is so funny and typical of his clients, namely VNS, he milked her and she never realized it. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

"Bennett" sounds like one of the stooges Bercow hires to provide expert witness testimony at the county commission. You pick.