Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Miami Herald, Senator Bob Menendez, Casa de Campo, and the Dominican Republic... By gimleteye

The Miami Herald calls The Daily Caller a 'conservative blog'. Well it's not a blog, the way Eye On Miami is a blog.  A cursory Google search of the Caller, responsible for leaking email transcripts purportedly revealing a FBI investigation about ties between Menendez and his close friend, a Broward doctor, who allegedly provided the powerful Cuban American senator with prostitutes -- possibly underage girls -- in the Dominican Republic, shows the blog to be well funded by the radical right, a national version of Sunshine State News.

So the Democratic response is to highlight the dubious origin of the salacious allegations.

But if the Herald wants to go on fishing expeditions, why didn't the paper go the next logical step: to disclose the ties between Dr. Solomon Melgen, the Broward eye surgeon who is at the center of a FBI probe, and the notorious resort owners where the alleged incidents took place: Casa de Campo and the billionaire Big Sugar Fanjuls?

For years we've written about the goings on at Casa de Campo, where the Fanjuls either jet in or have someone else fly in members of Congress for R&R.

The Fanjuls mastered entertaining members of Congress and even former presidents in the DR. This points in the direction why it will snow in Miami before Congress approves changes in the farm bill and its money piñata that make Big Sugar the corrupter of Florida and national politics.

I've just finished reading the magnificent literary accomplishments of Junot Diaz, who opens readers' eyes to historical context of places in the Dominican Republic like the fabulous hideaways by the beach where God knows what happens.

The Miami Herald has never, not once, pursued the political connections between Big Sugar's DR entertainment operation, American politicians, and the massive subsidy that guarantees profits totaling billions to some of the United States wealthiest corporate farmers.

If the Herald and other mainstream media want to follow the tracks of a right-wing blog, Daily Caller, then why not press forward with the broader question that wraps up Republicans, too: what other members of Congress have been procured through associations and visits to the DR operations of Big Sugar?


Anonymous said...

What Herald publishers have been invited to the DR and to Casa?

Anonymous said...

Many available women in the Dominican Republic.

Anonymous said...

That's insightful.