Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sea level rise, the view from Southern India ... by gimleteye

We had been looking at temples built in the 8th century along the shore on the Bay of Bengal. One complex of four structures was carved from a single block of granite (photo below). Along in the region, there are more than one thousand structures from the same epoch. These are remarkable, breath-taking testaments to the power of imagination, the quest to control and dominate, and spirituality. Our modern centuries have done one better: we changed the climate.

We usurped the power of gods -- to master nature. Who in the 8th century could have imagined that from the atom to the climate we could alter nature with the single caveat: we don't know what happens next.

Our guide explains that Hindus believe Krishna has experienced nine incarnations. When he comes for the tenth time, it will signal the end of times. Many religions anticipate the apocalypse, but it is usually imposed by deities not mankind.

I asked our guide, a thirty year old Tamil black as coal with a terrible burn scar on his neck, about sea level rise.  It was hot for January. We stood in the shade to be out of the sun.  It's not so bad, he said. Everything is normal. Really? I asked. Except when the moon is full. You mean, I said, on full moons you get tides that are higher than normal? Yes, he answered. Just the full moon.

I've seen the same on Alton Road and coastal Maine where I've been looking at tides for more than thirty years. Just the full moon, so far.  In this case, we do know what happens next.


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