Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Miami Dade County Early Election Results in August 14 Primary. By Geniusofdespair

Early Voting Combined with Absentee Ballots Results, if the numbers aren't close you can figure out who is going to win without looking at the final numbers. After the finally tally is in I will up-date the numbers. Scratch that -- I am Las Vegas you are stuck with early voting/absenttee only. This election isn't that important to me to give up my whole night. You can tell a lot with the early numbers as everyone is cheating with absentees...the one who cheats the most will win.

Allen West in Republican primary has 71.51%. Lois Frankel has 63.81% over Kristin Jacobs' 36.19% (early voting and absentees).

Representative in Congress 

District 23: (Mostly Broward)
Karen Harrington 567
Ozzie DeFaria 280

District 24:
Frederica S. Wilson 8,519
Rudolph Moise 3,874

District 26: 
Joe Garcia 3,349
Gustavo Marin 341
Gloria Romero Roses 1,207

State Attorney:
Katherine Fernandez Rundle 17,431
Rod Vereen 9,080

State Senator, District 39:(ICK on this one, oops there is Monroe too)
Dwight Bullard 1,421
Ron Saunders 497
James Bush 2,104

State Representatives: (Broward too, don't have numbers)
State Representative District 100:
Joe Gibbons 978 (should get the Broward votes)
Sheldon Lisbon 1,049

State Representative District 103:
Renier Diaz de la Portilla 1,011
Manny Diaz, Jr. 1,428

State Representative, District 107:
John Patrick Julien 947
Barbara Watson 1,046

State Representative, District 108: FRAUD FRAUD ALERT
Alix Deslume 515
Daphne Campbell 1,774
Pat Santangelo 418

State Representative, District 109:
Cynthia A. Stafford 2,241
Bernadine Bush 1,313

State Representative, District 112: (Dems)
Jose Javier Rodriguez 580
Alex Dominguez 684

State Representative District 112: (Pubs)
Gustavo Barreiro 1,457
Alex Diaz de la Portilla 2,039

State Representative, District 113:
David Richardson 988
Mark Weithornn 886

State Representative, District  114: (brain dead district)
Erik Fresen 2,672
Amory Bodin 884

State Representative, District 115:
Michael Bileca 2,420
Eugenio Perez 856

State Representative, District 116: (More Brain Dead People)
Ana Rivas Logan 1,599
Jose Felix Diaz 3,998

State Representative, District 117:
Carmen Morris 330
Harold Ford 284
Kionne McGhee 774

State Representative, District  119:
Jeanette Nunez 2,640
Libby Perez 695

Property Appraiser:
Pedro J. Garcia 33,836
Carlos Lopez Cantera 41,249

Miami Dade County Commissioners:
District 1:
Barbara Jordan 2,564
Shirley Gibson 1,497

District 3: (predict runoff)
Audrey Edmonson 1,514
Alision Austin 690
Keon Hardemon 942

District 5: (predict runoff)
Bruno Barreiro 3,634
Luis Garcia 2,093
Calixto Garcia 646

Dennis C. Moss 1,731 (surging ahead 9pm)
Alice Pena 1,334 (Spanish name...no other reason)

District 11:
Juan C. Zapata 3,097
Manny Machado 2,463

Carlos Gimenez 51,361
Joe Martinez 21,635

Repeal of County’s Pit Bull Dog Ban:
Yes 24,334
No 53,888

Judges - 11th Judicial Circuit:

Circuit Judge,  Group 8:
David C. Miller 36,582
Mauricio Padilla 32,522

Circuit Judge, Group 15:
Robert Coppel 29,476
Maria Elena Verde 39,421

Circuit Judge, Group 47:
Maria de Jesus Santovenia 30,083
Alix Jimenez Labora 36,;770

Circuit Judge, Group 49:
Teresa Mary Pooler 33,719
Victor DeYurre 36,396

County Judges:
County Judge, Group 10:
Diana Gonzalez 31,618
Ana Maria Pando 36,766

County Judge, Group 20: (loss on Non-Hispanic Name)
Fleur Jeanine Lobree 15,270
Michelle Alvarez Barakat 49,800

County Judge, Group 24:
Greer Elaine Wallace 15,339
Andrea Wolfson 35,530
Arthur Spiegel 17,749

County Judge, Group 27:
Jacci Suzan Seskin 17,725
Ivonne Cuesta 49,934

County Judge, Group 28:
Tanya Brinkley 34,727
Enrique Yabor 32,053

County Judge, Group 33:
Teretha Lundy Thomas 26,804
John Rodriguez 40,281

County Judge, Group 40: (Incumbant - The Non-Hispanic Name)
Don S. Cohn 29,585
Lourdes Cambo 38,365

(You are on your own on accuracy, I have to go and I am not double checking. This is such a crappy election.)


Ross said...

In the state senate race, you have to add in the Monroe votes.

Geniusofdespair said...

Thanks Ross, good catch but I fear Bullard won't get votes there. I think Saunders will win.

Ross said...

Here's the multicounty races (early and AB):

Cong. District 23: (Mostly Broward)
Karen Harrington 3,868
Ozzie DeFaria 1,233
Joe Kaufman 1,298

State Senator, District 39:
Dwight Bullard 4,107
Ron Saunders 7,327
James Bush 4,293

State Representative District 100:
Joe Gibbons 2,448
Sheldon Lisbon 2,185

Anonymous said...

Saunders doesn't have a prayer, it is still a minority access seat. he just never accepted that. And hopefully the republican former aide he is supporting for the House 120 seat loses too! Bullard is now just a few hundred votes down from Bush. I predict he pulls it out, or at least those two will be in a run off. Bye Bye Ron.

Anonymous said...

Dominguez is awesome. Win or lose that guy is the new breed of Democrat. It was a pleasure to work on his campaign as a volunteer. Future of our party!

Anonymous said...

Good luck at the slot machines :) and hopefully at least for Mayor and for District 9 we have the lesser of two evils (Gimenez and Moss). Gone to the Grand Canyon yet?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Commissioner Moss!!!
Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Pitt Bulls. They are victims of the humans both at the polls and at their homes or training camps :(

Anonymous said...

Pathetic. The pit bull ban is good for lawyers, not for dogs, their owners, and the general public. Shame on the uninformed voters.

Anonymous said...

Major bummer, we will have the same pathetic county commission for another 2 years,commissioners who have sold the people of this county down the river now get 4 more years except for one newbie with Zapata coming onboard. Now they know there really is no being held accountable for bad votes. Woe is me!

Anonymous said...

a lot of these numbers have changed!

Anonymous said...

The PBA and John Rivera were humiliated.

Anonymous said...

Sasha Tirador's record is terrible for the primary. She spent all her time and Joe Martinez's money pushing her other candidates(clients). Terrible, what a loss for Miami Dade county to see Joe go!

Anonymous said...

I wonder why ALL Republicans win by absentee ballot. Like Lopez Cantera says, "Tt's the $trategy, supid, it's the $trategy!" LOL And now, the Corleone brothers are finally together! Miguel, Renier and Alex. It makes huge lobbying so much easier!!!