Monday, July 30, 2012

Random Pixels has two Great Posts Targeting the Miami Herald. By Geniusofdespair

The blog takes on the "Cuban - Miami" factor in the Miami Herald related to Ryan Lochte swim win.

Also, he has advice for the Miami Herald in anticipation of their charging for internet access:

"You can start by assigning real reporters to cover the news. I'm not about to pay to read semi-literate crap..."


Bill said...

Thanks, G.O.D!

Hope your readers enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Can any readers from the Herald find out the ratio of pension liabilities to net income, after debt service? It would be interesting to know, in relation to other newspapers in Florida.

Anonymous said...

Love this blog (both here and Random Pixels)! Boy, did they get the Herald right on target. I was infuriated when I read the piece about the "Cuban American". What a load of crap.

I too would not pay a penny if they start charging for online viewing. The Sun Sentinel is just as good, in addition to real urban papers like in Chicago & NY!