Monday, July 30, 2012

An Open Letter From Ross - Running Against Erik Fresen. By Geniusofdespair

Here is where things stand at 100 days from the election:

1. The Police Benevolent Association has provided us with an endorsement and assistance. Other endorsements are pending as organizations weigh the risks and benefits of opposing the status quo in what must seem to most people like a long-shot race. Remember that Alex Sink's performance in the precincts of the new District 114 was pretty good -- and she would beat Rick Scott in this district today!

2. The main focus of this campaign continues to be my personal canvassing of independent voters. I will knock 5,000 doors total and have completed many precincts already. In talking to swing voters, I have found that casino expansion is very unpopular in this newly drawn district. The experts I have heard from unanimously agree that sufficient walking can lead to a win, regardless of what is spent by Rep. Fresen. (It's hot out here, folks. Appalachian Trail hiking and back-country Glades paddling have prepared me well for politics.)

3. The South Dade Democratic Club will be opening a Pinecrest-area campaign office after the primary, and we plan to be a tenant there to anchor our grassroots activities in Pinecrest, South Miami and Cutler Bay. The entire UM campus is in our district, by the way.

4. After the primary, we will have some additional support from people who are currently working on races that will not be seriously contested in the fall. That will add some new dimensions to our effort.

5. I was dismayed to see the Herald editorial board recommend Rep. Fresen in the Republican primary. The Herald's own coverage of his unethical activities should have disqualified Rep. Fresen from an endorsement.

Thanks, folks! If we can win this against the big money, it will help change the way politics is done!

NOTE: THIS LETTER was a status memo to supporters. I have never trumpeted the PBA endorsement on my website or literature. It's on the memo as an informational item, to show evidence of credibility. Not the top takeaway I'd want anyone to have. People assume I composed this as a blog post, and that's the number one thing I'd want the world to know: NOT AT ALL.)


Geniusofdespair said...

That was an endorsement ONLY in the primary.

Maria said...

I hate Fresen, but if Ross thinks he will sway people with a PBA endorsement, he is delusional. The PBA endorsement is the kiss of death.

I would not be surprised if every PBA endorsed candidate goes down in flames next month, including Joe Martinez and Rod Vereen.

Like many people, I will vote against any candidate who has been endorsed by John Rivera and the PBA.

Grayland said...

Ross, best of luck. You have my support.

Ross Hancock said...

Maria, the PBA this year is focused on supporting state candidates who are opposed to Rick Scott's privatization of prisons and deprofessionalization of public health, education, and other public services. This has been harmful to the state's economy and to our safety.

Anonymous said...

PBA endorsement! Lost my vote

Anonymous said...

John Rivera needs to go. He is the problem. I'm gonna support you, Ross, because Fresen has done a magnificent job wasting his opportunity.

Geniusofdespair said...

I hate the PBA more than the next guy..I had John Rivera's men in my face at the Natacha Seijas trial to help stop the recall. They came over to me with Natacha at the center as she threatened me. I had A Herald Reporter standing next to me and she couldn't believe it.

HOWEVER I would not take their endorsement as a negative for any underfunded candidates. NO ONE will give you money. You have to take what you can get. Don't be one dimensional. Look at the whole candidate. He can't win with no money. Send him a check why don't you...then you can with hold your vote with reason.

Anonymous said...

Candidates must be careful of the endorsements they accept. He lists his PBA endorsement as an accomplishment. That is his choice, no one forced him to accept it. Therefore, in this home, he has lost two votes.

Geniusofdespair said...

Well you and lockstep spouse are stupid as you will then be helping Erik Fresen. Cut off your nose to spite your face.

Ross Hancock said...

I have accepted no money directly from the PBA. I have their endorsement because they think I might beat Fresen and help save the jobs of corrections professionals. Individual cops and firefighters and teachers are supporting me. Good money comes from good people, but I recognize that everyone from the president on down is asking for your hard-earned cash this year.