Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Otis Wallace's Wife Greer Elaine Wallace is Running for Judge. By Geniusofdespair

Who will cook my dinner?

Greer Elaine Wallace is running for County Court Judge in Group 24. Gloria Romero Roses gave to her campaign she must want Florida City's Mayor for Life Otis Wallace's support. Xavier Suarez gave to Wallace's wife too. Why? He is on Wolfson's website as a supporter. Sue Shiver gave to Greer. Esther Nuhfer (David Rivera's gal pal) also gave as did Cindy Lerner and Maurice Ferre. Barbara Hardemon and John Lorfils are running Wallace's campaign. She also has the hated absentee ballot queen, Sasha Tirador, working on her campaign.

I am voting for Andrea R. Wolfson for Group 24, even though I do have a MAJOR problem with her. The Dade County Bar gave her 51.90% exceptionally qualified, 40.11% qualified. Only 7.98% thought she was unqualified. To give you some idea how HIGH a rating that is, Enrique Yabor got 9.44% exceptionally qualified, 40.56% qualified and a whopping 50% unqualified. Greer Elaine Wallace got 23.86% exceptionally qualified, 46.67% qualified and 29.47% unqualified.

(OCT. 19TH -- I ACTUALLY VOTED FOR WALLACE IN THE ELECTION AS WOLFSON'S CFC ENDORSEMENT BOTHERED ME SO MUCH - THIS ARTICLE IS ABOUT THE PRIMARY. SEE MY NEWER ARTICLE ON WOLFSON AND CFC. This article is a MUST READ before you vote for Judge because you will see why I had such a hard time deciding on this important race.)

As a judge, or judge candidate, they cannot answer any questions really as they are supposed to be impartial on just about anything and everything. What their peers think of them is important. The Miami Herald did endorse Wolfson too.  Wolfson is using David Custin the evil absentee ballot King (Fictitious Name DRC Consulting) for her campaign. It is unfortunate that our judges have to stoop so low in who they have to hire to win.

Wolfson was a big sister for two years and she was involved with the Hialeah Parks and Recreation department's Early Prevention and Intervention Youth program.

We already have Barbara Jordan, Otis Wallace's sister in office. Do we need his wife too? I don't think so.  The Miami Times (a Black publication) sank to new lows in their take on this race, talk about stereotyping voters:

"In a three-way race, Wallace stands a better chance of winning because the two Jewish candidates will fight over the Jewish vote and she should get all of the Black votes."

Do they just assume that no-one will just vote for the best candidate, forgetting about race and religion? Did they just assume the Catholic Wolfson is Jewish?
Not sure why this $500 is here on Wolfson's campaign report. Other candidates don't show it. Shirley Gibson never gave them money for the forum.

I spoke to Wolfson about the Christian Familly Coalition endorsement.  She feels she must be fair  to all segments of the population. I agree for a JUDGE as a judge can't say much to get the endorsement anyway. But not at a cost of $500 (It was on her campaign report - she says it is an ad). A group that charges that much does not deserve a visit by anyone. That is my only bone to pick with her.  You might believe you have to visit all groups Andrea, but not at prohibitive costs. And you might think about this: Judge Ethics Code Canon 7: A Judge or Candidate for Judicial Office Shall Refrain From Inappropriate Political Activity. I find it difficult to believe that she doesn't believe that a group that equates Save Dade with Nazi's and the Klan is suitable for accepting an endorsement from and giving $500 to.

I would LOVE to support the other candidate but I just can't. her husband has skeletons in his closet and there have been charges against him. If he gets arrested, do we want a judge with a husband in jail? Or worse, what if they decide not to prosecute because she is a judge? That would be a tragedy. Truthfully, I think they both suck.

Aug. 2nd: I voted today and I ended up voting for Arthur Spiegel.


Anonymous said...

Wallace and McGhee are sharing resources. 2 of their campaign workers intimidated Morris supporters at their place of business. The campaign people entered the business and told them to remove the Morris sign because they should "support" their own and then left Wallace and McGhee campaign materials.

The Morris sign came down and then went back up a week later, after their friends told the business people that is not right to be intimidated. The people were very frightened and were afraid to write a police report.

What kind of crap is this treatment by thugs? I wish I had been there.

Anonymous said...

Would she also go to the KKK for a candidates debate?

Geniusofdespair said...

I think many people that don't follow the Christian Family Coalition's doings have no idea they are a Gay Hate Group.

Politicians and Judges constantly give them status and respectability just by showing up. They don't understand. Here is a snippet about founder Anthony Verdugo:

"Verdugo has a history of being a slime-sucking double-talker: He said after Carlos Gimenez was elected Miami-Dade mayor that "the vast majority of Miami-Dade residents were "rightly alarmed by his disconcerting links to a couple of fringe hate groups operating locally." He was talking about gay rights organizations that supported Gimenez in the election."
"Verdugo asks "Since when is a proclamation extolling 'pride' in biologically aberrant sexual behavior and practices more important than celebrating a nationally observed day honoring fathers?" and calls last month's gay pride vote an "anti-Family, antisocial Aberrosexualist proclamation." Love thy neighbor indeed." - Miami New Times

Tony said...

I would vote for Wolfson but I have to hold my nose with Custin and the CFC. What is she thinking?

My nose would explode holding it with the likes of Otis (why isn't he indicted) Wallace. Could never vote for his wife.

What a choice. It is like your column yesterday on the Property Appraiser.

Anonymous said...

Verdugo said not all endorsed candidates “agree 100 percent” with the conservative Christian groups.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/gaysouthflorida/2012/07/conservative-christian-groups-in-miami-dade-county-form-2012-election-alliance.html#storylink=cpy#storylink=cpy

Anonymous said...

To really get a flavor for the Wallace's and their empire check out http://www.zillow.com/homedetails/90-N-Bounty-Ln-Key-Largo-FL-33037/45828917_zpid/

Don't you have to live in Miami Dade County to be a mayor or a judge?

Anonymous said...

There was a story going around that Greer Wallace uses a Florida City paid for cellphone.
The big O must sign off on it every month as the city manager/mayor of that town. Is that legal for two lawyers to take advantage of the city taxpayers?

Running for Judge takes some nerve when you are misusing public funds.

Hello, let 'em go Joe and KFR you can make a splash before the August vote.

Ross said...

SAVE Dade just endorsed Wallace against Wolfson entirely based on the CFC thing.

Doug said...

I feel as though we are scraping the bottom of the barrel with these candidates. This judge doesn't even see that she will get out on Miami Beach ending her husband's political career as well as perhaps,her own.

Doug said...

Not SHE I meant THIS

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Wallace, any, and I mean ANY, candidate especially one for Judge that accepts with open arms an endorsement from any group that advocates as the main theme HATE against other human beings does not deserve to be elected Dog Catcher.

That Christian group has hi-jacked the name Christian to promote hate against Gay people, and you Eye Miami Blog Host should be ashamed of yourself for sugar coating her to be elected. As to the Herald, they lost back bone years ago.

Geniusofdespair said...

Hell, I don't think we have good choices in the election. I can't support the wife of a tyrant and in my opinion Otis Wallace is a tyrant. His wife can't even modulate his behavior so how can I expect her to do good things on the bench?

I think this is a bad situation all around, but your sugar coating the other candidate...so you should be ashamed of yourself. I am looking at the whole and I think that I made the right choice.

Anonymous said...

I think Wolfson got really bad advice on this one, and running for the first time, she thought she was doing what is right. While you may say it was bad judgment and that's what she's running for, there's a point where you have to trust other people and if the rest of their advice was sound, she might not have realized it.
Maybe she thinks people from groups like SaveDade already know her and support her? Judicial politics in this county stink. CFC is a crap group but lots of people are involved and lots of them vote. Maybe she figures if she panders to them to get the endorsement she can continue to make positive change - althought that's not really role of judge either.
And it's not public funds as someone above state. Judicial campaigns are totally private funded. Which is another reason judicial politics suck. Doesnt' seem right that litigants and attorney's practicing in front of a judge should be giving money to them.

Anonymous said...

Pass the hemlOck. Yesterday's didn't work.

Anonymous said...

someone above said:

"CFC is a crap group but lots of people are involved and lots of them vote."

Really "lots" ? The CFC facebook page has 14 like, count them 14 people in Miami Dade like's them enough to say that they like them on a public page like facebook.

Don't believe the hype, that group is nothing more then a few metal rejects causing a stir by hi-jacking the good name "Christian". They are a few idiots who are nothing more then media whores.

The less we talk about them the better.

14 like's on Facebook Give me a freakin break!

Neil said...

While Wolfson is reaching out, she might try for endorsements from the Communist party the NRA and the skin heads since everyone is equal in her eyes and no endorsement is unworthy. She paid Verdugo $500 for an ad? Giving him money is worse than the endorsement.

Anonymous said...

During their candidate breakfast he said that the group would be using their state wide database of a million christians to influence the races.

Geniusofdespair said...

Right. Hate to tell you, I am on that database. And, how is that STATEWIDE database going to help a Miami Dade Election?

Cindy Lerner said...

I practiced law with Greer Wallance in Juvenile court at the Guardian program and then she worked for DCF for years, then opened her own practice. She is a good lawyer, and a good friend and will make a good judge. I don't think it is fair to diminish her good work just because of what you think of her husband. Genius, you have not held fast to your values to excuse away any candidates who accept the CFC endorsement. We all must hold fast against that hate group and must insist that any fool candidate who has accepted the endorsement MUST MUST MUST absolutely MUST renounce the endorsement and disavow their affiliation with CFC. That includes Shirley Gibson who I have asked to do that and asked her to talk to the folks at Save Dade to clear up any misunderstanding. Hold fast and firm, demand they renounce CFC!

Geniusofdespair said...

You make a good argument. But...

Anonymous said...

If Sue Shiver and that no good bunch donated she can't be trusted.

Ross said...

I agree with Cindy's principle that we draw a line around CFC (and Big Sugar, while we are at it) and if any candidate crosses it, it's political suicide. And that's regardless of the merits of the candidates in any individual race. Make it clear that there is zero tolerance for hate groups and environmental destroyers.

Anonymous said...

If you think it's only 14 people then we're all wasting our time talking about them.

Statewide databases raise money.

You've done enough investigations to know that campaign money isn't just $10 checks from grandma.

Judicial campaigns are full of slimeballs like the rest of the county politics. The problem is compounded by the fact that the candidates can't even try to explain why they do what they do.
(usually it's cuz sasha tells them to)
And, as you mentioned many people don't realize CFC is a hate group.

Geniusofdespair said...

I don't believe his database is 14 people. The Miami New Times wrote that referring to Friends on Facebook. I am sure I have a database larger than CFC because I don't hit them up for money every week like they do. I think Verdugo bullshits.

Anonymous said...

Verdugo is a hate monger period................

Anonymous said...

The New Times is not a credible source of journalism.

The investigation of Mayor Wallace was initiated by false accusations of a former disgruntled employee terminated for stealing. The employee contested the firing and the firing was upheld.

Wallace was not running for re-election during the time the alleged accusations specified.

The investigation was terminated two years before the New Times article was written; which of course was not reported by the New Times.

Now, with respect to Greer Wallace, she is a successful attorney dedicated to child protection for more than 33 years. She is compassionate and fair and will be a fine judge. She is the polar opposite of her opposition, Wolfson, which has been endorsed by a strident hate group.

Our choice is clear: compassion or hate.

Geniusofdespair said...

Did I forget to mention that Natacha Seijas gave her $150 5/18 under her name : Natacha Millan

...and I find New Times credible.

Geniusofdespair said...

I take your comments seriously about Wallace, but I cannot print what you wrote as you were very specific but anonymous...