Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gloria Romero Roses and Gustavo Marin for Congressional District 26. By Geniusofdespair

YouTube Video of Gloria Romero Roses -- running against Congressman Asshole David Rivera. Also running are Democrats Joe Garcia and Gustavo Marin.

Another reader said about Gustavo Marin:

"I guess if we are going to define Gustavo Marin the words authentic; real; a people's person comes to my mind. He is not a politician like Garcia and Roses. Gustavo Marin, as he explained to me got into this race because he as the majority of us are fed up with politicians. I went to his website and I found he has a wealth of experience to excel as a congressman."

Here is Gustavo Marin's video:

We just have to get David Rivera out!!


Anonymous said...

I've always been irritated by the fact that politicians living outside a congressional district and claiming the know anything about the people living within that District.

Garcia lives a really nice life in Miami Beach. Roses doesn't even live in Dade County, let alone know much about this deep South Dade/Monroe County.

It's one of those things, just because you can, doesn't mean you should (run for any office outside your own home district).

When politicians do that, it's usually for their own personal agenda, not for the good of the people, and this congressional race in Dist. 26 is just that.

Receiving the Roses mailings, I think she'll make a good Broward County School Board Member because that's all she goes on about. Garcia, well, he always has some agenda and it's certainly not the people he's going to attempt to represent in Dist. 26.

I'm glad there's an alternative who actually lives in the Dist. and doesn't appear to have some party line (either GOP or DNC) agenda.

And, NOTE to all Dist. 26 Dem candidates - this is primarily a GOP Dist. Unless you can swing a little to the center and not be so "progressive", you are guaranteeing a win for Rivera, no matter what a creep he is!

Good luck to all. I will vote for Marin just because I don't like carpetbaggers nor do I like the fact that it's even allowed. Even our Florida Legislature has to live in the Dist. they represent, congress should be no different!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please check out Gustavo Marin's website:
He is definitely a refreshing alternative to the career politicians. He lives in the district, his daughter goes to the local public high school, he and his wife are small business owners, he is intelligent, well-read, very knowledgeable - from personal experience - of the issues affecting his district and our country.

Grillo said...

I am a Democrat who has lived in Kendall for an aggregate of 25 years, first in District 21 (Diaz Balart) and now in the new District 26. While I disagreed in many things with Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart, I can say that he served his constituents well by communicating with them regularly through the mail. His brother Mario took over two years ago and I have not received one piece of mail from him, only a robocall about some inane phone townhall meeting. So, I am happy that Mario is out of my life.

The choice we Democrats now have in district 26 is (1) a union busting carpetbagget who lives 50 miles away from district and cannot possible know the difficult issues our area faces and who was thrown upon us by the fearless leaders of the DCCC (Steve Israel) and the DNC (Debbie Wasserman Schultz); (2) a likable politician who, in spite of having run for this seat twice before, might or might not comprehend the nuances of ALL our issues; and, (3) a long time resident of our area who also has an extensive record of community involvement, knows personally our issues in this District and doesn't have a problem providing solutions that make sense and are workable.

Gustavo Marin has my vote! I hope he has yours too.

Anonymous said...

Go Gustavo!

the jolly antichrist said...

Marin's Video Blows Bigtime. WOW.

Shoot a better video man!

Alexandra said...

The sensible choice is a candidate who resides in District 26, one who can formulate an unbiased opinion and sincerely understands the community (active community leader). Who better to fight educational budget cuts than a father whose daughter is in the system? Let’s be honest, Marin will provide manageable solutions – I’d encourage residents of District 26 to review his well-rounded credentials, Marin has my vote.

Best of luck on August 14th Gus!

Ted said...

It is interesting how someone claims that Gloria Romero Roses is a career politician when she is anything but that. Meanwhile, if you look at Mr. Marin's resume, you can clearly see that this is someone who has been preparing himself to run for political office for a long time.

Let's set the record straight on a couple of things:

1. Gloria Romero Roses is not a union buster. In fact, she was recently endorsed by two unions, which leads one to believe that maybe the story that you are referring to only painted half of the picture.

2. This District actually has more registered Democrats than Republicans and believe it or not, there have been quite a few Republicans jumping ship in 26 and actually supporting Roses. Why? Because she is a business woman and not a career politician with an agenda.

3. The Romero Roses office is right in the middle of the District and she is getting even more familiar with the community as we speak. Why do I say "even more familiar"? Because she has been a resident of South Florida all her life, so to say she is out of touch with the issues we all face is absurd. She knows full well what areas are in need of attention and improvement.

Folks, I've met Gloria Romero Roses in person and she is engaging, humble, and down to earth. She is the right candidate for this job. She will listen to her constituents and work hard to make a difference, just as she has her whole life in everything she has attempted to do.

Anonymous said...

It is enshrined in the Constitution that you do not have to live in a Congressional district to represent it. There have been many great statesmen and women in that category. The crap about Garcia or Roses sleeping at night a few miles away from this artificially drawn area from Key West to wherever-the-hell is just crap and you all know it. Obviously they would either be great congressional representatives for Florida. And Gus would be a great state rep or something, probably.

Geniusofdespair said...

I agree living in the district is not a requirement as this is NATIONAL. You aren't filling potholes. All 3 candidates are viable depending on their fundraising ability. That is the number one requirement: funds to beat Rivera.

Anonymous said...

States can require Congressional candidates to live in the district. Florida hasn't done that. Many current incumbents don't live in their districts.

RAUL ALFA said...

Esto es una democracia por suerte todos tenemos diferentes opiniones pero leyendo todos estos comentarios me puse a investigar sobre cada uno de los candidatos para el congreso de mi distrito #26

vamos a analizar a:

Gloria Romero:

es una mujer respetable madre que estuvo en el PTA del colegio de sus hijos y por lo tanto cree que sabe los problemas de los muchacho, si fuera así cualquiera de mis compañeras del PTA podríamos postularnos para el congreso,esta en Real State bueno eso no nos dice mucho,y en cuanto que es una mujer de negocios la verdad que los sindicatos no hablan muy bien de ella.

Joe García:

se ha postulado 3 o 4 veces y nunca a llegado a nada es un hombre muy arrogante que solo repite el mismo discurso desde hace muchos anos por cierto párese que se lo aprendió de memoria pero en el fondo ni el mismo cree lo que dice solo dice lo que sabe que todos queremos oír cree que somos entupidos tenemos que investigar los negocios favores que a otorgado a la FPL PARA AYUDAR A QUE NOS SUBAN LOS COSTOS DE LA ELECTRICIDAD.

Gustavo Marin:

es una persona clara siempre dice lo que Pienza duélale a quien le duela por que el no tiene pelos en la lengua, lo he escuchado en infinidad de programas de opinión, y la verdad que sabe de lo que habla no es improvisado por que es un hombre muy culto por eso lo llaman de diferentes estaciones de televisión tanto locales como internacionales la verdad que después de analizar todos los candidatos yo me quedo con el Dr. Marin además de vivir en mi distrito no hay quien lo compre por eso no tiene los fondos millonarios de campana como lo tienen los otros candidatos que al final tienen que devolver el dinero que les dieron con favores que les interesan a las personas que les pagaron las campanas y esas personas no somos ni tu ni yo que somos los que tenemos los problemas en nuestro distrito y si tienen alguna duda sobre los que les digo busquen información en las paginas Web de cada uno.


Anonymous said...

Ralph, please translate your post to English.........I'd like to read what you have to say but don't read or write Spanish.

As to:

"2. This District actually has more registered Democrats than Republicans and believe it or not, there have been quite a few Republicans jumping ship in 26 and actually supporting Roses. Why? Because she is a business woman and not a career politician with an agenda."

This statement may be correct in part regarding the registrations. I looked at the election website this morning. However, I don't believe you looked close enough in to Monroe County and I don't believe you calculated the Independent voters who make up about 1/3 of the base now in that Dist. Those voters will not swing too far to the left, I guarantee that, and I'm no election expert.

Agenda? You are wrong on that. Every mailer I rec'd talks about "education" but the UTD are supporting Garcia. Personally, I don't believe the Fed's should be messing around with the State education system. That's partly why it's so screwed up. And, look now, we have a Dade Teachers union in Jail being joined by a Broward teachers union head! If Ms. Roses really wanted to do something about education, she should have worked with the School Board, which I can find no reference of. Congress is not the place for her primary issue, nor this topic within this Dist. That's not our priority, it's hers, leading me back to self serving.

Until these candidates talk about our local issues and what they can do for us at Federal level - and show some knowledge about our community, I'm not going to support a carpet bagger. Gloria may not be a politician, but her seat shopping couldn't be any clearer. The same goes with Joe Garcia.

And, finally, if you look at over a decade of voting in precincts within this "new" district 26 I don't ever remember this new gerrymandered district ever putting a Dem in to congress by voting for a Democrat. Ros Lehtinen's Dist. included Monroe County and Rivera's is much of the "new 26".

Go Marin! I don't know him, have not donated to his campaign, but will support the candidate that lives here and knows our issues.

Ted said...

If you don't think the independents will vote democrat in this election, then you might as well tell all three candidates to pack it in. I believe you are incorrect.

Due to the many allegations against Rivera, he is vulnerable. In fact, Real Clear Politics has District 26 listed as one of the top 50 House seats likely to change parties. A big part of that is the anti-Rivera sentiment from both independents who read the newspaper and even some Republicans who you have to believe are tired of electing potentially corrupt politicians. Whether the other part of that is due to Joe or Gloria being the one expected to be the opponent is unclear, however, I am certain that Marin is not a part of that equation.

We need to vote for somebody who has enough support to beat Rivera and Marin has neither the name recognition, nor the DNC support to pull it off.

Romero Roses is not only interested in education. You should get to know her better because she will likely be the candidate and hopefully everyone will come together to support her in defeating Rivera.

Anonymous said...

If Romero Roses is anything like her commercials, then I would vote for her. Because of her upbringing, she might actually be trustworthy.

Pablo said...

I disagree with some of the previous comments from Ted. As a voter in District 26 I CARE that those who choose to run to represent me SHOULD live in the same district.
Joe Garcia has lost 3 times running for the same seat and from what I've heard from Gloria at events, education is a big issue for her. That great but she should be running for either the School Board in Broward County (where she lives) or for a State Senate or State House seat.
Gustavo Marin seems to be the only genuine candidate running to be the Democratic Nominee who also lives in the district. He is not receiving money from special interests like the other candidates and is not afraid to speak his mind. Get to know him at events like I did and you will see he is the best options for Democrats in District 26.
As for DNC support, that is bogus. How does DNC support really help us in Florida where the super majority of elected officials at all levels local, state, federal are all Republican even though there are more registered Democrats in our state? Remember the 2008 congressional races in South Florida? The DNC failed miserably in trying to get Democrats elected. Their support doesn’t mean squat.
It’s time to stop repeating past mistakes and nominating the same failed candidates over and over!!!! Stop the insanity and please vote with me for Gustavo Marin #26 on August 14.

Anonymous said...

How do you run for office and not do your homework?

Anonymous said...

I found most of the candidates unprepared. How can you run for Congress without doing your homework. Genius, I think you should run.

Anonymous said...

Just to vote for Jose "Pepe" Garcia or the "Union Buster" Roses is a waste of a vote. I have never met Marin. The fact is there are four Democratic Party Candidates running for the seat in District 26 this Primary election. I have met the fourth candidate recently and found him to be an engaging, humble, father of five who can certainly relate to the issues we all face in this district. When district 25 which became 26, he was cut out of the district by one mile. His name is Lamar Sternad. I am sticking with Lamar Sternad. I will be mailing in my ballot. Regardless of who all we vote for, one thing is clear.....we need that scumbag David Rivera out!

RAUL ALFA said...

Yes I know Gustavo Marin and I can tell you're a parent, lives in the district and is also highly qualified someone knows both local and international fear.
It has all the qualities to be the one to represent us in District 26 as a congressman and is also the only one who can beat Rivera that's what we want all the inhabitants of this district.
Of Mr. Lemar I can not say anything because neither a Democrat entered in any event to know the position and the lack of his presence only shows me that this is to take away votes from the other candidates do not know if he was placed there by being Anglo or what interest you have in us that not even allowed to see to know more about it other than it has 5 children

David Diaz said...


Los dos se ponen de acuerdo acerca de Joe García. Él está sirviendo arrogante, y gana nunca. Estoy muy cansado de escuchar lo que este hombre tiene que decir y cansado de él pensando que él sabe lo que es mejor para el distrito, cuando ni siquiera vive aquí. Basta ya de este payaso.

Acerca de Lamar ...... he encontrado Lamar Sternad tiene un sitio web con información biográfica y de la plataforma.

Información sobre Lamar se encuentra en la intenet. He encontrado en el sitio web de las elecciones que se presentó en noviembre de 2011, mucho antes de que cualquiera de los otros candidatos presentada. Se está ejecutando una campaña de base. Él no ha tomado las contribuciones de los intereses especiales. Ha estado en CBS4 News and Views. Ha sido visto en el distrito de hablar con los votantes de Kendall a Key Largo. Él tiene un trabajo a tiempo completo así que me imagino su agenda está llena.

Aparte formar la señora Rosas, también hay dos candidatos de los partidos no se si ninguno de los demócratas son adecuados en las elecciones generales ..... Simplemente no Joe, por favor!

Davie Diaz said...


We both can agree about Joe Garcia. He is arrogant, self serving and never wins. I am very tired of hearing what this man has to say and tired of him thinking he knows what is best for the district when he doesn't even live here. Enough is enough of this clown.

About Lamar......I found Lamar Sternad has a website with biographical information and platform.

Information about Lamar is on the intenet. I found on the elections website that he filed in November of 2011, long before any of the other candidates filed. He is running a grassroots campaign. He has not taken contributions from special interests. He's been on CBS4 News and Views. He's been seen out in the district talking with voters from Kendall to Key Largo. He has a full time job so I imagine his schedule is full.

Aside form Mrs. Roses, there are also two no party candidates if none of the democrats are suitable at the General Election.....Just no Joe, Please!