Saturday, May 05, 2012

Dog Etiquette ... by gimleteye

This is a story about Cassius and me. Cassius is a 90 lb. Chesapeake Bay retriever. 5 years old. Un-neutered male. He is the boss of me. The other day we had an appointment with the vet. There are times I question why I didn't have him neutered, as my other male Chesapeake in the past. That was Bear. Bear died on the gas dock at Rockland harbor on the way to be euthanized. He knew. That's a Chesapeake.

At the vet l kept Cassius on a tight leash in the waiting room filled with frillier dogs. None seemed to mind each other. After accustoming to the room, Cassius layed down sideways and pretended to fall to sleep. Then a new dog and owner walked in. The dog was a short-haired pointer. Female. No reason for Cassius to get uppity but he did.

Cassius likes spaces the way they are. When something changes, he wants to know. I grabbed him close and told him to shut up. He was bigger by seventy pounds than just about every dog in that waiting room. When the attendant opened the door and called his name and I got up, Cassius rose, took two steps in the direction of the door and froze.

He looked up at me, "I'm not going in there." I tried pulling, but that was not going to happen. Worse, he could pull off his leash and then God knows what havoc would break loose with a roomful of muppets. Everyone in the room laughed at the big dog too scared to go into the doctor's office. I had to lift up his 90 lbs and carry him to the door.

He knew where he was going, and once I put him down he more or less obediently followed to the exam room. Chesapeakes are not for everyone but they are for me.


Anonymous said...

What do you think of the Pit Bull ban in the County? Are you going to vote to repeal it?

Charlotte said...

Sorry about Bear. Hope Cassius leads a long life and that you keep strong enough to heave a 90 pound dog.

Gimleteye said...

LOL. As to the first anon readers question, I feel about pit bulls the way I do about hand guns and semi-automatic weapons: there probably is a place for them but not in public. With guns, you can put them away. The problem with pit bulls is that they are hard-wired for mayhem. A hard wire on a trigger that some owners cannot control.

I had a pit bull. She was a puppy and I gave her back to the breeder within hours having the dog at home.

There is a further problem with pit bulls. When dogs fight -- and that can happen any time male dogs sort things out -- there is always a moment when the fights breaks. But pit bulls don't stop. They have iron jaws and they fight to the end. That's their nature.

I am sure that pit bull owners feel passionately that their dogs are fiercely loyal companions, like any other dog owners. But I also know that many dog owners don't have their dogs under control.

The risk of lifting the ban in this case outweighs the benefit.

Geniusofdespair said...

Your dog looks so serene in that photo.

I agree with you about pit bull ban. Just because some baseball player comes to town with a pit bull, now we should lift the ban? Those Marlins are a constant headache in our lives. A Miramar man was attacked by a pit bull on May 3rd. Today in the Miami Herald they reported that 30% of the dogs in the pound were pit bulls. I was brutally attacked by a dog (6 bites) is not fun.

Don't lift the ban people.

Ross said...

I was talking to a guy about the ban and he insisted that it's unfair---that it's a myth that pit bulls are different from any other breed. Then he proceeded to show me the scars where he had been attacked twice as a child. One scar from a German shepherd and a scar on his face from a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

My dog freezes too when I go to the vet.