Thursday, May 03, 2012

Christian Family Coalition Rates our Elected Officials: Dwight Bullard and Luis Garcia Rate Well With Us! By Geniusofdespair

The higher your score with this intolerant group, the less we like you over here at Eye On Miami. We are proud of Dwight Bullard and Luis Garcia, Jr. for their low scores. They are both running. Luis is running for Bruno Barreiro's seat and Dwight is running for State Senate.  Sadly, both of the front-runners for Mayor are going to appear at a breakfast meeting at CFC.  Ick.


Anonymous said...

Luis Garcia (El Bombero) is very much Pro Life and Pro Prayer, he just had to keep towing the Democratic party line. Now that he is no longer a Dem he'll be able to express his true feelings.

Anonymous said...

Anyone can be a pro-life, pro-prayer Democrat and also believe that it is wrong to impose your beliefs in other people. I disagree with friends all the time but I respect their beliefs even if I think they are wrong.

Anonymous said...

I have never believed in these types of one-issue rating systems.

How does Daphne Campbell get a 100%rating when she is the biggest crook in Tallahassee? So she passes on 2 issues...what about the other hundred? This woman is bad news, but because she is for freedom of religion and pro-life, we should consider her perfect for an elected seat?

That is why rating elected officials on one issue is dangerous. Besides, no voter should ever vote on one issue only. There are myriad issues impacting our lives and, therefore, we must look at the "total" candidate before making our voting decision. To do anything less is asking for trouble.

For example, most people as I am are for freedom of religion. I am also pro-life, but there is no way I could ever bring myself to vote for Fresen if I lived in his district.

One issue candidate? Don't come knocking at my door!!!!

miaexile said...

Glad to see someone else notices Daphne "I run hell hole ALF's and I don't want any state regulation over ALF's" Campbell is at 100% which tells you so much right away abou the CFC. They are swindler's, much like Daphne Campbell. What must their breakfasts be like, " could you pass me the syrup and a little false prophet please"..