Monday, June 20, 2011

Are Miami's Own 'Hatfield and McCoy' Familes Involved in the Mayor's Race? By Geniusofdespair

Did bad blood between Alex (Miguel?)/Renier Diaz de la Portilla begin over support for Carlos Lacasa with Mario Diaz Balart (pictured right) defending Lacasa when in the Florida legislature? At least 2 of the 3 Diaz de la Portilla brothers hate Lacasa's guts. Does anyone remember the fistfight at a radio station in 2000 between the Lacasa's and Renier Diaz de la Portilla our feisty school board member?

I think it is no wonder the names of Diaz de la Portilla and Diaz Balart are popping up as lurking behind the scenes, and in front, on opposing sides in the Mayoral campaigns. U.S. Rep Diaz Balart is out stumping for Julio. Like bad pennies, this gaggle of brothers show up a lot behind the scenes in Miami Dade County. According to Miami New Times, Alex Diaz de la Portilla (pictured left) helped Natacha Seijas and Carlos Alvarez fight the recall.

Campaigns are dirty business filled with unsavory characters -- even Jeb Bush is involved in this one for Julio Robaina. I will be glad when this campaign is over.


Anonymous said...

I've long stopped following the brothers from either one of the family's. It's too messy and gives me a migraine.

I actually really liked Miguel Diaz de la Portilla when he was a County Commissioner. He did a pretty decent job and created or help created the Community Council system (can't exactly remember the legislation) and if Pepe le Pew is consistently trying to undue them, they must be an asset to our unincorporated communities.

I liked Mario Diaz Balart when he was in Congress representing Dist. 25, now he moved to Lincoln's Dist. and he may have moved a little further to the Tea Party right, but haven't been following him.

As to the Diaz de le Portilla situation with Renier, I would like a follow up from the Herald as to what the State attorney's office is doing and I totally object to the School Board getting rid of their inspector general. Arresting people for Insurance fraud (the day after the Renier article came out) was a good start, but seemed more like a PR deflection, whether meant to be or not, I don't know.

Miguel Diaz de la Portilla is a now nightmare lobbyist with the law firm who just hired George Burgess, that doesn't give me the warm fuzzy's at all and Miguel can be a total nightmare zoning/land use attorney with anyone who objects to his bad applications.

As to the relevance of any of their support in the Mayoral election, I just don't know. I'm sure they are good vote getter's for whichever candidate they're supporting, but I would hope voters look at both of the candidates and vote with their heads, basing their votes on facts - not rhetoric!

Anonymous said...

My view is that these feuds were brought over here from Cuba and the sons of the original combatants have taken it to a new level. Don't kid yourselves, these brothers all think that their families will produce ( and have the divine right) the next President for Life in Havana when the end comes for the Castro brothers.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last poster. Even Jeb Bush is on the action. Gimenez must be scratching his old head, wondering what he has to do to persuade all the Robaina bullies that he won't be so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

Balarts are Alvarez allies

Anonymous said...

Balarts are also Robaina allies.

Whatever happened to LaCasa anyway?

Anonymous said...

Who the hell can forget that memorable moment? Lacasa – big mouth and full of "it"— decided to season the conversation with Marta Flores – Mambi's resident "crook," according to the Miami Herald, please – by bringing up the shady past of the senior Diaz de la Portilla and conveniently reminding everyone that the Coast Guard had caught the "head of the clan," about a hundred years before, while diligently transporting a drug shipment aboard his boat, origin and destination unknown. Marta – for hire by every politician who wishes to be a guest in her program by simply "contracting" her consultancy services – who professed no friendship towards the Diaz de la Portilla boys, at the time, was quick to agree. What a moment for those who might have been taping the program! LOL The primal hunter of this family of loose cannons redirected his vehicle towards Mambi and the moment he arrived, "la piñacera" broke out! LOL Lacasa tried to find a window – probably to jump out – and realized there was none at the studio. Renier kicked the door open, and pounced, landing him on the floor. Golly Wow, Genius, thank you! Borrowing Bob Hope's theme song: "Thanks for the memory... of laughing at Renier's attack, Lacasa landed on his back... while Marta must have thought that those two putzes were on crack ... How funny it was..."
I have relished the moment, just as I did on that fated night! LOL

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Norman Braman! Alvarez had a tin political ear, but he wasn't a crook. If Robaina gets in, we'll have gone from mediocre to being put on ethics life support.

Anonymous said...

SO, how to you get out the vote? Everyone here needs to talk to neighbors, friends, church friends, etc. Have to.

Anonymous said...

Ever since the stand-up comedians began leaving their comments this blog has become a riot. Carlos Alvarez is not a crook? HELL! He's a bigger crook than Penelas, and that's something else. Who do you think will be making money under the table, left and right, from the last project he rammed down our throats: the unnecessary tunnel. For crying out loud, we might appear gullible, but we don't swallow everything they feed us.

Percy said...

Let's have a poll to pick which candidate has the more unsavory campaign consulting team!

GIMENEZ: Alex diaz de la portilla, al lorenzo, frank may, elnaton rudolph, gimenez jr (lobbyist at becker poliakoff), renier diaz de la portilla, carrie meek (oh yeah, she is absolutely getting paid).

ROBAINA: armando and maritza gutierrez, fred balsera, julio rebull jr., hugo arza, sasha tirador, dewey knight, and a couple of out of town GOP guys.

i'm voting Gimenez. alex DLP is the worst of the worst.