Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Watch Out For Barney Bishop - AGAIN! By Geniusofdespair

The Miami Herald insists on publishing any drivel that Associated Industries of Florida's leader Barney Bishop writes. I guess the Herald is afraid of him. I say: Know your enemies. Both of us have warned you about Barney - Rick Scott's pal - before, in 19 posts (23 about AIF). Barney always refers to studies - he has an EXPERT study on everything. In his letter to the Miami Herald yesterday, he mentions the Reason Foundation. According to Wikipedia:

"Reason is self-described as nonpartisan and publishes a statement of values that can best be described as libertarian. Like most think tanks, they are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization that provides papers and studies to support a particular set of values."

He also brings up TaxWatch. Here is the speaker line-up at their upcoming Board of Trustees Meeting (Do they sound Republican Partisan enough?):
The Honorable Rick Scott, Governor, State of Florida
The Honorable Pam Bondi, Attorney General, State of Florida (Confirmed)
The Honorable Jeff Atwater, Chief Financial Officer, State of Florida (Confirmed)
The Honorable Adam Putnam, Commissioner of Agriculture, State of Florida
The Honorable Marco Rubio, Senator, United States Senate
Florida Department of Juvenile Justice Secretary Wansley Walters (Confirmed)
The Honorable Mike Haridopolos, President, The Florida Senate (Confirmed)
The Honorable Dean Cannon, Speaker, Florida House of Representatives
The Honorable Will Weatherford, Speaker Designate, Florida House of Representatives

TaxWatch got the Prudential - Davis Productivity Award. Guess who is one of the Judges for this award? Barney Bishop. I wouldn't trust any study TaxWatch put out. Barney Bishop you can't fool me. Here is TaxWatch's Executive Committee:

* John Alexander, Chairman and CEO, Alico
* John Baker, President & CEO, Patriot Transportation Holdings
* Rober E. Coker, Senior Vice President, United States Sugar Corporation
* Claudia Davant, Managing Partner, NSI
* Steve Evans, Retired IBM Vice President
* George Gross, Vice President Segment Controller, Walt Disney World Company
* Ed Hannum, President and CEO, AvMed Health Plans
* Clayton Hollis, Publix Super Markets, Inc.
* Mike Jennings, Vise President, Prudential
* Ron LaFace, Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig


Anonymous said...

Bishop is just another in a long line of carpet baggers. I hear Donald Trump is looking for a press secretary. Bishop would fit the bill. They seem to have the same hair dresser.

Anonymous said...

KFHA fought a private prison (on Krome) tooth and nail. Commissioner Martinez, although a latecomer to the fight, finally got behind what local citizens wanted and stomped out the burning embers. There really were three or four supporting voices in that choir of protesters. Law enforcement did not want to be disenfranchised. NIMBY's did not want a prison in back yard. Moderates and liberals did not want privatization of something that they fundamentally thought should be owned and operated by the people. Pragmatists were looking at the terrible safety statistics of private prisons. It certainly was a mix of agendas.

Anonymous said...

Barney Bishop's AIF agenda is the same as Rick Scott's. Look at the AIF on water quality same as Scott:

Water Quality

o Encourage state and federal elected officials to oppose the enactment of unscientific numeric nutrient content levels in Florida’s bodies of water; this proposal will cost hundreds of millions and stifle any economic development in Florida
o Oppose the enactment of “Springs Protection” legislation which will cost residents and businesses incredible amounts of money in order to comply with septic tank regulations which are not science based
o Encourage the legislature to appropriately fund alternative water supply programs

Anonymous said...

Here they are on Florida Development & Infrastructure Council: (AGAIN SAME AS SCOTT - THEY WROTE HIS PLAYBOOK)

AIF has created The Florida Development & Infrastructure Council (FDIC) to address issues relating to growth management in Florida as well as aggregate mining, transportation, and other infrastructure issues. AIF’s FDIC will focus on issues of concern to this segment of our economy so that Florida will be in a position to prosper in the future.

The FDIC steps into an arena that, for growth management issues, is unlike any other year in recent memory; any consideration of policies for the development industry must be made in the shadow of the Amendment 4’s (Hometown Democracy) presence on the November, 2010 general election ballot.

The ongoing economic downturn has demonstrated Florida’s reliance on growth and development and its impact on all business sectors. AIF understands that there are several ways that Florida’s economy can be supported, including the expansion of infrastructure projects, tax incentives for emerging and existing companies, and the creation of high wage jobs. Additionally, the Council will continue to single out superfluous regulatory measures and seek legislative relief through expedited measures and streamlining licensing and permitting processes. The FDIC has been created to address these issues and modernize business practices that will stimulate growth in the state of Florida.

The Council will be chaired by Linda Shelley, Esq., of the Fowler White law firm and former Secretary of the Department of Community Affairs. Bill Hunter, President of the Association of Florida Community Developers, will serve as Vice-Chair. AIF Lobby Team members Richard Gentry and Stephen Shiver have been assigned as the lobbyists for this Council.

FDIC Issues

* Support efforts to bring efficiency and innovation to the growth management process in Florida
* Support funding for all types of infrastructure projects to help promote much needed job growth and development in Florida.
* Support legislation that seeks to streamline the permitting and licensing processes that are redundant, cumbersome and hinder job creation.