Sunday, May 29, 2011

Here is an example of an idiot. By Geniusofdespair

Our reader comments can be this one (I did not edit it or correct the spelling):

"Genius? Gimlet? You both make up shit daily but unfortunately you censor everyone who dare offer a counter opinion. You slander good people daily who's only crime is disagreeing with you. If google didn't pick you up, no one would care. But you damage people every day. My word you you both, putzs you are. One day Allan you will face judgement. God have mercy on you."

Just thought you might might like to see an example of what people say to us. We get this sort thing even when we quote from other sources. I mostly search public records so I don't get it. Well, it really doesn't matter. We are scum of the earth. If he/she gave an example of who he/she is talking about, it might have been more meaningful. I do resent this reader stealing my word 'Putz' (also leaving out the 'e' in the plural). That has been the word that I use for readers who leave comments that are so dumb that they don't merit a reply. An example? If someone wrote "Sarah Palin rocks" the reply would be 'Putz' (the Yiddish meaning of putz - 'a person who lacks good judgment' - not the Urban Dictionary meaning). So much more polite than what I really would like to write.

Oh, well. We can't make everyone happy.