Friday, September 17, 2010

If This Weren't So Sad...It Would Be Funny. By Geniusofdespair

Josue Larose, a write-in candidate for Governor, has been a write-in candidate in at least 6 races including his candidacy in 2009 for Miami Mayor (his qualifying check bounced so he was booted from the Mayor's race - he called himself Joshua LaRose at that time). From an Our Campaigns website it said (I am not making this up): "He is a 25 years old rich man, born on June 12, 1981. Regarding his education level he is earning a Bachelor's Degree in Economics, then he is earning a Certificate in Real Estate, in Mortgage Brokerage and finally he has a MBA Degree."

Larose also has 34 political parties and many PAC's, trying to appeal to just about everyone. The financial reports list American Venture Capital Group as the only donor to these political parties. The political party I stumbled on in public records is called American Christians Political Party. It claims to have $1,200,000 in its coffers, according to Larose's financial report. I looked up the corporation and it is not registered in Florida. This is from his website:

"Economist Josue Larose is the President of the American National Chamber of Commerce and also the Chairman of many Federal PACs."

The address he appears you can also get credit counseling in suite 201. They take donations too, they are a charity. I know who I am not voting for Governor besides not voting for Rick Scott.


Anonymous said...

So who is this mystery man? And what does he have to do with Lynda Bell?

Anonymous said...

Or is this Rick Scott's front man? Tea Party at work? Politics, a game the creative can play for BIG BUCKS pay-offs. It is like watching a soap opera in this state except instead of TV ratings there are vote tallies...just ask Al Gore.

Geniusofdespair said...

This has nothing to do with. Bell.

miaexile said...

Gee Genius, guess you can't post nothin w/out folks thinking your talking about District 8
.you always amaze me with the stuff you manage to dig up.

Why is organized religion so desperately trying to take over the U.S. and exactly what are their plans if they succeed? Sharia Law-American style?

CATO said...

I'm voting for Larose or is it Larouche or LeDouche

Whatever it's all a circus anyway G.O.D. you will go nuts trying to make any sense of electoral politics.

From the way things are going here on earth I think you (G.O.D.) already have (gone nuts).

Geniusofdespair said...

Probably true Cato. Between Rubio, Scott Rolle and Bell I am in a funk. If I has about 10 million I would have PACs against all of them and turn into the status quo.

Is a PAC that puts money into adverting for someone who saves the Everglades a good PAC? Well, if Ed Swakon or Stuart Miller or Steve Shiver or Bill Losner or Steve Toricse were running it, I would say 'no'. If Tropical Audubon were running it --- I would support it. I think you have to look at who is behind the PAC because the stated goals in the filing documents are meaningless.

CATO said...

The whole PAC concept has been distorted PACS are mainly used to camouglage attacks.

I prefer the old fashio toe to toe, mano a mano combat not using all these sleekly named PACs

Here's an example of how a real manly campaign should run attack ads

"Hi I'm Candidate X and I approve this message, Did you know candidate Y wet his bed till the age of 15? He allegedly kicks dogs in the nuts for amusement, and he picks his nose when nobodies looking. He also lied to his mom on numerous occasions and watched rabbits fornicating, say no to pervert candidate Y, paid for by the saintly candidate X'

Anonymous said...

The other reason why PAC's are sometimes needed is because of limits on campaign contributions to candidates. You can only raise so much money per individual/business.

It all depends on who's behind the PAC too. Most are pretty nasty, in my book, some are not.

Anonymous said...

many PACs are not bad, they just represent unions, etc. what makes any group bad is an abuse of power. cash on the street does that and we all know that happens, don't we?

CATO said...

"many PACs are not bad, they just represent unions,"

OH yes unions those bastions of model civic behavior where everything is sacrificed before the alter of public service and modelbehavior...

Yes yes I read it in Genesis chapter 5 verse 3 "on the 8th day G.O.D. created unions..."

G.O.D. got the idea after spending a day doing nothing and figured that somehow unions would advance this minimalist effort mentality (especially public employee unions).

On the 9th day G.O.D.created PACs and appointed Lucifer to oversee them, and on the 10th day Lucifer used a PAC to slander G.O.D. (Claiming that he (G.O.D.)had paid the serpent to tempt eve with the apple) and was eternally banished to hell (rumored to be located under the Capitol Building in DC)
where he has made a tidy sum as a political consultant.

Anonymous said...

OK, Cato, but let's talk history. Appalachian Coal Miners, Mill workers (my grandmother included), child labor, fires, deaths, disfigurement. All this came along with the great building up of wealth of others. Face it, Unions are our punishment for being greedy bastards. God got even with us and she has a real sense of humor.

CATO said...

"she"? I worship only one G.O.D. you are worshipping a false god probably the devil incarnate.

I have nothing against Unions themselves its when they use the power of the state mafia to destroy business (see Michigan). I do have a beef with Closed (Aka Unnion) Shop laws which tie and employers hands and cripple the owners of busineses right to choose (I AM CONSISTENTLY PRO CHOICE)his employees. Or the push by saintly unions to eliminate secret ballots in order to unionize.

I also have a beef with public employee unions since they have become part and parcel of the political process and are a species of lobbyist on steroids.

Some may argue that recent events at the city of Miami would run counter to my argument but in reality compare the salaries of those complaining about "cuts" with those of us in the private sector and how did they get those enormous salary and benefits packages to begin with.

While Miami Dade COUNTY GOVERNMENT employees enjoy a pay hike, almost 15% unemployment cripples the private sector (due in part to regulations enforced by government employees and salaries paid on the back of busineses and taxpayer (AKA EVERYBODY)) and these panzy ass do nothing pieces of crap complain about a six figure salary for make work?

Greed does not only afflict factory owners it also strikes at the heart of workers (sometimes with a side order of envy).