Tuesday, March 02, 2010

My Stop-O Marco Campaign is back in full gear. By Geniusofdespair

I had been advocating for Democrats and Independents to switch to the Republican party for the primary. I briefly stopped when I thought that Crist might himself switch parties, but it looks like that is not going to happen, according to the Miami Herald, Crist said:

"I'm not leaving GOP"

And the Herald sub-head:
"Rumors of Gov. Charlie Crist leaving running as an independent persist but are untrue, the governor and his allies said." Bummer. So I am again asking you to register as a Republican. also See a TV 4 video on the Rubio double-billing and Crist talking tough.

On another note, isn't it is good to see the Miami Herald prominently reporting on the TV show the Bachelor? They have their priorities straight, I had to use the search window to find the Crist announcement.


Anonymous said...

I can never find anything on the Herald Site.

Anonymous said...

1:53 in WFOR video " Not Going To Happen" Crist


Malcolm said...

Sorry Genius, I'm reposting this everytime you bring up tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum.

First a disclaimer, the vast number of eligible Republicans won't even bother to go to the polls on the day the Crist-Rubio fiasco will be decided. Don't know which of the two men is more shallow and vapid and devoid of real leadership qualities. And this is not to boost Meek or Ferre, equally craven and opportunistic political figures.

The point is this whole elaborate game of "electing" US Senators and all the other offices in this country is being played by fewer and fewer people. It takes awhile but most people will eventually recognize a rigged game, and when they figure out the cards are marked they're out.

Crist and Rubio are poster boys for an era that is over now in the US. The well groomed empty-headed spokesmodel for the people who actually wield power in this country (in their debate the other day, all one fool wanted to talk about was "trust" and the other fool countered with the "God" card). And as this country enters into an existential crisis they will run away like Evan Bayh did the other day in Indiana. That is, in fact, why Crist chose to run for US Senate at all, he sees D.C. as a safer place than the governor's mansion when the tsunami arrives here in Florida. Sink and McCollum are so clueless they actually don't know the next governor is doomed and they want the job.

The Florida Legislature is filled with the Crist-Rubio type and so they will all be hiding under their desks during this year's legislative session. Watch the cowards posture and preen about everything except actually closing Florida's gaping budget deficit. Closing the hole would call for the courage to take on the wealthy, their masters, the men who let them have fun playing the politics game and even give them a credit card to use.

Crist and Rubio symbolize impotence and both will soon be irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

You are right on, malcolm. I don't like any of the U.S. Senate candidates. As to Florida Legislature, they need to tackle our horrendous tax structure, so education funding (as one example) is not built on a house of cards, like it is now. The Big Rs won't touch their friends' wallets (that means less campaign money for them) - same in DC. Lobbyist and corporate money have horribly distorted democracy and the Supreme Court just opened the flood gates.