Tuesday, March 16, 2010

County Commissioner Rolle's Campaign Report. By Geniusofespair

Dorrin Delano Rolle (poor FDR must be making a half turn in his grave) has a meager campaign report so far at $13,250. It is still early in the campaign but his report is still quite revealing.

He got $500 from a Political Action Committee in Omaha Nebraska. A consultant in Atlanta gave him $500 and he got $500 from the Prison Health Services in Brentwood Tennessee. There were donations from Orlando, Weston, Winter Park, Doral, Clearwater. Miramar and Sunny Isles Beach.

Out of the 21 donations he received there was only ONE from his district and it was a $3,500 loan that Dorrin Delano made to himself. Does Rolle have his district's support? No one has put their money on him yet.


Anonymous said...

'Bringing gu'ment closer to the people ... so we kin rob you better.'

Anonymous said...

He dun good!

David said...

With any luck at all, he'll be gone in a skinny minute; just like he was at Jackson a couple of days ago when someone had the temerity to speak truth to him instead of what he wanted to hear.

It is hard to fathom how a person with so few firing neurons can be reelected to a county commission seat after the people of his district are exposed to his less-than-towering intellect for an entire term. It has to be that most don't pay attention to government anymore; and that's sad.