Friday, July 20, 2018

The Great Congressional Debate Last Night: Big Loser David Richardson. By Geniusofdespair

Miami Dade County Democratic Party Head - Juan Cuba introduces the Candidates

The Candidates for District 27 of the US Congress: Matt Haggman, Michael Hepburn, David Ricardson, Kristen Rosen Gonzalez and Donna Shalala. Michael Putney was the moderator.

David Richardson annoyed the hell out of me when Kristen Rosen Gonzalez questioned him about his getting Big Sugar donations. He didn't address them he just turned it into an attack and said the pollution to Lake Okeechobee was coming from North of the Lake and that is where we needed remediation. He told Kristen she should get her facts straight.  No sugar related pollution David? Oh, well he can't win anyway.

The rest of it, put me to sleep. They agreed on a lot. Free College Tuition? Come on. Get realistic, how about affordable loans. Democrats can be so fanciful with our tax dollars. That is what gets them into trouble. I never saw Michael Hepburn speak before. He was impressive.

I still hold a grudge against Donna Shalala over the Pine Rockland sale when she was head of U of M. I assume she will win. Anyway, the St. Stephens Episcopal Church in Coconut Grove was packed and hot as hell. I left pretty early.


Anonymous said...

David Richardson is very well qualified. Donna S is too in love with making money and hence she would not represent us well. And she has the issue with selling the priceless Pine Docklands to a Walmart developer.

Anonymous said...

Donna Shalala fought hard to deny medical benefit's for the low paid UM cleaning crew years ago. Does any one think she is looking out for " the people " ?

This record disqualyfie's her for the next post, Go and retire.

Anonymous said...

The Pine Dockland? David Richardson said 8 years doesn't allow you to accomplish anything in office - on term limits. so Michael Hepburn said: I guess you didn't accomplish anything.

Anonymous said...

Donna has been a fake liberal all of her career. From the beginning at Hunter then Madison, it has been her job to tamp down opposition to unfavorable policies. She is an elite fixer. This is what she does. This is how she made a career. This means screwing over the environment, workers, seniors in need of cheap meds, whoever to do what those in power want all the time pretending amd appearing as a liberal. Donna is not a liberal she only looks like one!
Richardson has take some risky stands. He has stood for some issues and made the republicans in Tallahassee blush.
Kristen Gonzalez is a bit of an idiot.
Haggaman is another whisper to the growth machine, it’s the only way you get to give away that kind of money. His positions are vague and all about “new politics”