Saturday, July 07, 2018

HUDSTEAD Update: Long Ago The Swamp Was Drained and Homestead Appeared. By Geniusofdespair

if you want to look at the bid documents...

Why is Homestead my favorite city in Florida to chuckle at? Because of the zany way the place runs and the inbred crackers that run it. The police building was just completed and it needs a new roof?  According to the City of Homestead website:
Thanks to your support and the careful planning of those involved, we've completed our new Homestead Police Headquarters on-time and on-budget!

The 55,000 square-foot, three-story facility is the first new building constructed specifically for law enforcement operations.

The station was designed by Rodriguez & Quiroga Architects Chartered and built by Munilla Construction Management. The impressive facility, constructed on-time and on-budget, is a community centerpiece that aligns with the vision to revitalize Downtown Homestead.

The new Homestead Police Headquarters opened for business Wednesday, February 15, 2017. All are invited to the Grand Opening Ceremony on Saturday, February 25, 2017 from 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

So it appears the building is a little less than a year and half old yet it needs a roof replacement. The City residents appear to be as bewildered as I am.


youbetcha' said...

Hmmmm. So are they selling umbrellas outside the building to help cover the shortfall?

Here they are with a leaky roof in one police station and they are planning to tear down the last one in the stadium because of rats (million dollars later?)... And they had to "tear" down a historic police station just blocks from the new one because of mold.... Police stations in Homestead seem to be falling like crumbs from my crumb cake...

outofsight said...

@youbetcha' Are you forgetting to mention that old city hall was closed due to radon gases and mold? ---

Going back to the old old police station: - It had issues too... remarkedly the same as old city hall.

It almost seems that every time Homestead wants to do something with Taxpayers $, they let something else go into disrepair. The stadium, the old city hall and police stations. Taxpayers will buy into new when you have a situation where people are endangered. So the city simply waits till it is critical and start the campaigning to justify their agenda.

Anonymous said...

SWAMPSTEAD continues to amaze.

In addition they are set to demolish the 130 acre Sports Stadium complex that cost $22 million and has a current $3 million 30 year bond attached. This stadium was used as the temporary police headquarters while the new building which now needs a roof was being built.

MCM did the construction and rewarded politicians with lots of campaign cash that got them lots of projects.

Can anyone guess what the 130 acre stadium site might be used for? It's a big secret.

Anonymous said...

Hint, who sells insurance to the city via a no bid and exclusive contract totally under the radar? All of this money comes from the high rates charged by Homestead run utilities, millions are transferred annually to the general fund, artificially keeping taxes the same. They know they have a citizen base who are apathetic and they make the most of it.

Anonymous said...

So once again the taxpayers of Homestead get hosed!

2015: MCM Construction contributes 10,000.00 to a little known Political Action Committee that benefits one politician.
MCM happens to be selected to do tens of millions of dollars in work for the city.

2018: Taxpayers on the hook.

Lets take a look at Political Committee Change is Good 2015.

Campaign Contributions

Change is Good PC

About the Campaign Finance Data Base
Rpt Yr Rpt Type Date Amount Contributor Name Address City State Zip Occupation Typ InKind Desc
------ -------- ---------- ------------ ------------------------------ ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- -------------------- --- -----------------------
2015 M5 05/12/2015 1,000.00 M.T. CAUSLEY, INC. 97 NE 15 ST HOMESTEAD, FL 33030 ENGINEERING FIRM CHE

2015 M5 05/13/2015 1,000.00 JONES, JR. THOMAS R. 17950 SW 285TH STREET HOMESTEAD, FL 33030 INSURANCE CHE

2015 M5 05/14/2015 250.00 KILEY MICHAEL W. 17905 SW 83RD CT PALMETTO BAY, FL 33157 RETIRED CHE


2015 M7 07/14/2015 1,000.00 NEW AQUARIUS CORP. 451 SE 8TH STREET HOMESTEAD, FL 33030 REAL ESTATE CHE



Anonymous said...

You can't blame this on Bateman.

Amica Nostra said...

"The impressive facility, constructed on-time and on-budget, is a community centerpiece that aligns with the vision to revitalize Downtown Homestead."

How long does it take to revitalize an area? Seems like this effort has been ongoing for over 20 years. The Seminole Theater project was a money pit. Good to see it finally completed although I doubt it breaks even.

Anonymous said...

Wow, who is the City Attorney that allowed this?

Who is in charge of ethics that allowed $10,000 to the Mayor from MCM?

Who put a new stooge in place at ethics in place of let 'em go Joe?

Where is the City Manager outrage?

Why does an inept council allow this?

Who inspects these newly built properties?

Wait, you mean it's all related?

Anonymous said...

PAC donor MCM gives $10,000 while getting $50,000,000 from Homestead.

Architect R & Q gives $1,000 while getting $$$ from Homestead.

Insurer TR Jones gives $1,000 while getting $$$ from Homestead.

Inspector MT Causeley gives $1,000 while getting $$$ from Homestead.

New Aquarius Trailer Park gives $1,000 while code enforcement looks the other way.

Might be a pattern in old CONstead, conspire, conceal and connive.

CB said...

MCM would have been required to post a performance & payment bond as this was a public job. The bonds generally cover warranty for one year or more as stated in contract. If there are issues with the roof, why isn't Homestead making a claim on MCM's bond or the roofing contractors bond?

Anonymous said...

And Munilla Construction Management is the company that built the failed FIU bridge as well...