Friday, June 22, 2018

Will Florida Power And Light (FPL) Ever Be Held Accountable For Its Failed Cooling Canal System For Two Aging Nuclear Reactors In South Florida? ... by gimleteye

Southern Biscayne Bay and a national park is a sacrifice zone for toxic water seeping out of FPL's cooling canal system from two aging nuclear reactors.

Environmental groups (including Friends of the Everglades, of which I am a volunteer board member) have sued under the Clean Water Act, for FPL's ongoing pollution.

Pollution, by the way, that the State of Florida under Gov. Rick Scott and his predecessors essentially ignored despite binding, legal agreements. Scott and his Cabinet, especially Ag. Secretary Adam Putnam, ignored the appeal of citizens and rubber-stamped a siting plan for two NEW nuclear reactors at the same Turkey Point location despite legitimate concern about the impacts of climate change and sea level rise in one of the lowest floodplain areas in Florida.

In the meantime, the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission is considering a license extension to two outdated reactors at Turkey Point. Because of the NRC's compartmentalized mandates, it has not -- to date -- incorporated a full review of the failed cooling canal system in its consideration of the license extension request. The environmental groups, led by Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, just submitted a detailed letter to the NRC, explaining why.

The letter serves as a good background on the cooling canal controversy, free of FPL's polished spin.

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