Monday, June 18, 2018

Jeff Greene, The 'Money' Wrench in the Florida Governor's Race. By Geniusofdespair

Billionaire Jeff Greene is now a candidate for Florida Governor on the Democratic side. He told the Miami Herald that he turned over a new leaf since he married a former party girl of Malaysian descent and fathered 3 boys.

On the plus side he went to John Hopkins and Harvard so ain't as dumb as Trump. He is definitely an improvement over Scott.

He said: "I got married 11 years ago. I have three boys, 5, 7, and 9. That changes your perspective...I'm thinking 'How am I going to take care of these little guys and what kind of world will I leave them.'"

He signed the billionaires' pledge giving away his fortune to philanthropic causes when he dies. He has also pledged millions to help other Democratic candidates throughout Florida.

Greene said of Trump: "I can see fraud when it's there in front of me, He's a fraud."

On the negative side:

He had Mike Tyson as his best man. A little nutty there, but that was 11 years ago.

He was a Republican, but than so was I.

He was a party boy, but than so was I (girl).

Greene has no political experience, a curse and a blessing.

He thinks he may still belong to Trump's Palm Beach club (what a dilemma to not know what dues you are paying).

Anyway, Phil Levine (worth about $100 million) does not have a clear path to the nomination with Jeff Greene's entrance (about 4 billion). Bob Graham is a paltry multi-millionaire (Graham's total net worth is reported to be between $7.35 million and $31.7 million) and less likely to part with his money for Gwen. However, Gwen Graham could profit from this 'money' wrench in the race, by letting the other two duke it out and coming up smelling like roses (except for that damn pipeline vote). I do think Graham would do better with independents.

P.S. Greene runs a school for the "academically advanced child" that I found disturbing in the elitist sense:

Social Studies comes to life at Greene! Through an emphasis on critical thinking, primary resource analysis, historical thinking, research, and project-based learning, our students become historians. As our students progress through each grade level, they will take a journey to our local communities, the California Gold Rush, Japan, and Mexico - to name a few of the stops through our curriculum.

Each learning adventure will commence with an immersion experience that introduces the theme. Students will then conduct in-depth investigations that will demonstrate the knowledge and skills they have gained. The unit will end with a culminating activity that demonstrate a meaningful product created by the student.

At Greene, we encourage and inspire our students to be confident and competent mathematicians. Using the Envision math program, our educators provide a variety of concrete hands-on experiences to bolster numbers sense that students can apply to more abstract mathematics.

We emphasize student ability to communicate mathematical work which inherently prepares our learners to share their thinking with others. Additionally, we understand that engaging student intelligence in every modality (auditory, tactile, visual, and kinesthetic) is fundamental to successful teaching and learning.

The Greene School Science curriculum was created specifically with a focus on the academically advanced child. Our learners rarely think in one modality which is why a tailored science curriculum is a necessity.

The goals for our Science curriculum include our students' ability to analyze real-world problems, understand the concept of systems, and design, as well as conduct, scientific experiments. Utilizing Full Options Science System (FOSS), our students experience the work of real Science in the application of data handling skills, analyzing information, evaluating results, and communicating their understanding.

Our Language Arts curriculum is geared toward fostering a lifelong love of literature. Students read literature that is at a minimum, one grade level above their chronological grade placement. Our readers communicate ideas and judgments about literary works that span a wide range of genres. The Language Arts program incorporates the areas of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and viewing. These areas are viewed as one unified subject in which each of the five areas supports the others while enhancing thinking and learning. In addition, the knowledge, skills, and strategies of language arts are integrated throughout the curriculum; enabling students to solve problems and think critically and creatively in all subject areas. We encourage our students to apply spoken and written vocabulary to real-world situations.

Public Speaking is another essential component of our Language Arts curriculum. Students have the opportunity to present in front of their peers as well as adults: improving communication skills, increasing self-esteem and enhancing organizational skills to give students the power of persuasion. Public Speaking is a lifelong skill that translates across all career paths.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately money often wins races. Greene has plenty, but will he do what he says he will do, or as most politicians who say anything to win, and then break every promise. The far right Republicans running are no choice. Maybe we need Green’s funding to tip the balance of power in Tallahassee so residents will be represented instead of lobbyists.

Anonymous said...

Gillum is the only decent candidate...

Anonymous said...

Who is his campaign manager does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Phil Levine has a major problem. Its public record that the city bulkheads, storm drains, streets, and sewage pipes are massively old. This could potentially grow into a large fraud case against the city. Depends what the governments tells people about the newest bond offering. When you run for governor you better make sure your city officials are keeping the same story that you used when you were in office. Greene doesn't have enough of a public record to arouse any investigations. That's the way you need to do it.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it ironic .... don't ya think? Democrats really the party of the people

DMD said...

All seems fresh, bright, and new--until we get to the recital of the schools CV then--same old story--we will just wait and see !!! DMD

Anonymous said...

Why can't we get someone like Philip Stoddard run for Florida Governor? Always someone shady to govern us.

Anonymous said...

wow, a wildcard indeed.

Anonymous said...

Although at first glance it might appear heartening that someone with sufficient personal funds is willing to run as a "Democrat" (whatever that may actually mean in these times other than "not Trump" is not clear to me), it is, I think, another example of the cementing of control by the oligarchy in the US. If only billionaires can afford to run, then only billionaires (or their lackeys in various legislatures) will run the country, not only de facto as today, but de jure as well. At that point there will be no recovery of any semblance of a republic.