Monday, May 28, 2018

Who Will Be The Next Mayor of Miami Dade County? By Geniusofdespair

Rebeca Sosa, Esteban Bovo embracing Carlos Gimenez (looking at each other with goofy eyes), and Daniella Levine Cava.

I woke this morning thinking about who would be the next Mayor when Carlos Gimenez is forced to leave, thankfully. I am sure the planning has begun as the disastrous reign of Gimenez winds down -- another 2 years. He taught me one thing: The mistake a strong mayor can be. He has hurt the County in so many ways.  Also he is a mean-arrogant guy, and he has made his friends rich.

My guess for 3 candidates would be: Commissioners Daniella Levine Cava, Steve Bovo and Rebeca Sosa.

I do think that with Rebeca's husband's passing, she might be inclined to travel and enjoy retired life. Becky also made a bad blunder when she was Chair of the Commission, choosing Lynda Bell as her Vice Chair and letting her over-shadow the Chair at every turn.  In other words, she wasted her Chairmanship, not getting enough of a boost from it.

The other two, I have a suspicion they will run. I do think Daniella will have to deal with the Jimmy Morales curse "not being Cuban enough." One of his parents was not from Cuba.  Neither of Daniella's parents are from Cuba. Does it still hold that you must be Cuban to be Mayor? Levine-Cava is sharp, witty and very likable. I do think she is destined for higher office. Someone has to take Rubio out.

In County elections, because it is non-partisan,  the election is actually the primary in August. Only die hard voters "4's and 5's" vote in August.

Unless there are more than 2 candidates the election for County Mayor is in August. Does anyone know that? I really think having the County Government  non-partisan is a big mistake. People get too confused. If there are more than two candidates they are less likely to pass the 50% mark that is required to win. That is why Eileen Higgins, who won the District 5 race, must face Mrs. Barreiro in June. She won with too low a percentage. I think that Levine-Cava would have more of an advantage in a November election, because everyone knows the parties of the County Commissioners and aren't we expecting that blue wave?

Back to reality, "Ya Did Good" Dorrin Rolle has filed to run again. This could be a disaster for Jean Monestime. Rolle was the worst.

Whatever happened with the Charter Review Task Force recommendations? Will any of them get on the ballot? You can read the final report here.  

I don't think they did a good job. They kept the non-partisan and want to get rid of the term limit requirement that just got approved. They didn't approve eliminating the Strong Mayor. The Commission would have to approve this stuff to get it on the ballot. Maybe they did already. I am not following it closely.


Anonymous said...

Sosa has told insiders she's out but lots more people being floated seriously, genius.

Bovo and Daniella, but also former Mayor Alex Penelas, Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez Cantera, and pundit favorite Alberto Carvalho are for sure gearing up for it. Xavier Suarez wants too, again, and has a war chest.

Senator Anitere Flores was being named before the scandal, and Congressman Carlos Curbelo (if he can hold on against this weak Dem opponent in '18). There's rumors Public Safety Director Juan Perez is being wooed. And if Philip Levine doesn't take the big prize this year, a run here will almost certainly be his swan song.

That's 10 and it still leaves room for an African-American candidate. It's gonna be a crowded race.

Oh, btw, don't think Gimenez will go gently into that good night. Word from the 29th is he might try to follow Joe Carollo's lead and go back to being Commissioner of your beloved District 7.

Anonymous said...

Carlos Lopez-Cantera will be the next Mayor of Miami-Dade County.

Anonymous said...

Having partisan races would not guarantee separate partisan primaries, all the language says is that the candidates would have to declare a party. It would still be the same system that is in place now , so the point about thresholds and too many candidates running at once is moot. Municipal and county races should be kept non-partisan. We are polarized enough already. Vote to keep races nonpartisan, read the ballot language carefully.

Anonymous said...

Souto has been a commissioner since 1993. 25 years - one position. The 10% of the voting public who show up at the polls. In 25 years, the incumbent runs a re-election machine. Term limits make sense.

Anonymous said...

Should be interesting. Lots of names. But there are a few who have never cared for the county. Lopez Cantera has always worked against the county, Penelas only raised taxes and empowered lobbyist like Korge, Lopez, and May, Bovo is to conservative and is a bully, Curbelo doesn't know what he is pro-trump, anti-trump, democrat, what is he? Cava is way to far left and is pro taxes.

Anonymous said...

Bovo and Suarez will end up in a run off.

Milly from Hialeah said...

The Next County Mayor should be:

Nobody from Hialeah or Miami, Nobody with close ties to the hunry and greedy developers, Nobody who supported the Mega Mall that will be too close to where alligators live and it going to suck up all their water, Nobody who shuts off the mic on people or throws you out of public meetings because they did not like something or anything you had to say (this is the USA, not Cuba my people) . . . Nobody who is too white, too black or too Latino, Nobody who is too red or too blue, or a hypocrite.

Whatever you do, nobody from Hialeah (they do no even respect what their citizens want here).

Look at their track record and who their connected with - LOOK if up, look it up . . . follow it . . . Then be careful you don't run into a big, fat elephant in this crazy traffic (hint, hint).

Vote for someone who is not a politician, not a lawyer and not a developer. Vote instead for a small business owner, a teacher, a doctor, an zoo keeper . . . and maybe somebody purple (not too blue, not too red)

Pray . . .

Anonymous said...

Though he is a reluctant warrior, many people are encouraging Jose Abreu, the former FDOT and Aviation Director, to run. He is a brilliant bilingual engineer who knows how to get things done. His sense of humor and keen intellect would be a welcome relief from the dull and rudderless leadership of Gimenez. Abreu could inspire the 25-30,000 employees of the County to make this community a shining example of metropolitan govrrnance. Jose is the best hope for this region. Way too important of a job to be handed to Rick Scott’s #2.

Anonymous said...

Daniela Cava would make a great Mayor. About time we had a Mayor with an IQ over 130...

Unknown said...

I can't believe Bovo thinks he has a chance. Higgins won and now on the 28th of August, they'll realize how sick and tired MDC residents are of these long lasting commissioners have been in office and have done nothing for us but helped their own interests! Sosa is another that will no longer last.