Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Eileen Higgins: County Commission District 5 ! ... by gimleteye

Defying conventional wisdom, first time candidate and Democrat, Eileen Higgins, defeated better known Republican rivals in a non-partisan primary race for the county district including Miami Beach and a swath of Little Havana including surrounding neighborhoods. This is a huge win for Higgins, who political operatives tried to squeeze out with a field of Republican rivals and instead topped them all. The vote between Higgins and runner-up Barreiro -- wife of the incumbent who surrendered his seat --  is scheduled for June 19.

The Miami Herald reports: "Newcomer Eileen Higgins rode a wave of support from the Democratic Party to take first place in Tuesday's election to replace Miami-Dade Commissioner Bruno Barreiro and will face the former commissioner's wife, Republican Zoraida Barreiro, in a runoff election next month for the non-partisan seat. Both candidates eliminated former state senator Alex Diaz de la Portilla, who finished third. With all precincts reporting shortly before 9 p.m.. Higgins held nearly 35 percent of the vote, followed by Barreiro at 33 percent, with 222 votes separating them. Diaz de la Portilla was in third with 27 percent, followed by former television actor Carlos Garin with less than 5 percent." Read more here:

This is a huge result for Democrats and a bellweather for voters fed up with treasonous behavior in the White House and the protection of Trump provided by Republican leaders in Congress. Nation before party. Although county commission races are "non-partisan", the sour national mood around Trump and grifters inside and outside the White House means all bets are off.

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear from the candidate as to why she is attending a fund raiser at Wayne Rosens house tomorrow night. Could it be that Wayne, a huge donor to the Republican party and its candidates at all levels, is hedging his bets ?
Probably so. He will use the angle of affordable housing to convince her to expand the UDB or usurp local zoning to continue the build-build-build mentality of this community. If she is serious about traffic issues, she will repudiate Rosen, his money,his cronies and the develop at all cost mentality. She has proven that she does not need his money so maybe she should prove her character by paying attention to the company she keeps.....

Anonymous said...

Bruno Barreriro's wife has the burden of being Bruno's wife and perhaps a more important handicap is she is not very bright. As the County Budget approaches $8 BILLION residents need very intelligent leaders with impeccable morals. Anyone related to Bruno and his scheme to force the taxpayers to pay over $3 Billion to the Marlins has problems.