Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Betraying my Husband, Fukushima's Nukes and All That Jazz. By Geniusofdespair

I always look in on Fukushima's nuclear disaster of 2011, when there was a meltdown of 3 of their reactors. It was a cascade of events that caused the meltdown; Tsumani caused by an Earthquake. The Japanese are trying to deal with a million tons of radioactive water. The fuel is somewhere in the reactor building but, after 7 years of searching, no one is sure where it is. So everyday the groundwater percolates up from the foundation -- 150 tons of water, and it becomes contaminated by what is left in the reactors:

To keep that water from leaking into the ground or the Pacific, Tepco, the giant utility that owns the plant, pumps it out and runs it through a massive filtering system housed in a building the size of a small aircraft hangar. Inside are arrays of seven-foot tall stainless steel tubes, filled with sand grain-like particles that perform a process called ion exchange. The particles grab on to ions of cesium, strontium, and other dangerous isotopes in the water, making room for them by spitting out sodium. The highly toxic sludge created as a byproduct is stored elsewhere on the site in thousands of sealed canisters.

The filtering system cannot capture strontium:

So for now, the tritiated water is pumped into a steadily growing collection of tanks. There are already hundreds of them, and Tepco has to start building a new one every four days.

I wouldn't eat the flounder on the West Coast. Also stay away from Hanford in Washingon State...the most toxic nuclear place in the nation.

And on to our next subject "The Betrayal."

You guys aren't reading this so that is all you get on this one...the nuke part.

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You should be more concerned about the salmon, as they swim the Japanese Current before coming back to their Pacific Coast stream or river of their birth to lay their eggs and die. Still, I would rather eat the wild salmon then the hideous farmed salmon.