Sunday, April 08, 2018

When I was a little girl...By Geniusofdespair

When I was very young  I learned about Hitler. I saw movies, my parents talked about him. I just learned about how evil he was and I remember him standing in front of military parades with that salute. And, now Trump wants military parades.

Hitler with Tanks Parading by
Hitler at a Military Parade
 I didn't wonder about Hitler. I knew enough that their were evil leaders. As a child, what I couldn't accept was that the German people could follow Hitler, an evil man. Even then I thought to myself: "How could people be so stupid."

Sigh...long sigh...

and then we fast forward to today - more than 60 years after Hitler. I am again thinking: How could people be so stupid? But they are.  Maybe 40% of the country support our wacky President and believe his tall tales. There is a cop profiled in today's newspaper - North Miami Beach Officer Ericson Harrell.

Ericson Harrell is that stupid. Yet, he is considered "an above average officer" according to police spokeswoman Major Kathy Katerman.

Ericson believes that the Parkland kids are actors coached by others. He believes 9/11 was an "Inside Job" He questions the Sandy Hook massacre of all those children. The scary part is, he is a person with a high powered rifle and he is really stupid. And, there are plenty more of these gullible people who eat up Fox News stories and whatever else they can find on the internet. I have been reading Facebook posts of former Military and other police officers as scary as Ericson Harrell.

Just as I could not answer the stupidity question of the people supporting Hitler, I cannot answer the stupidity question of supporters of Donald Trump. So here we are in crazy world -- again.

Stupid People just Keep Procreating
...and Procreating

I couldn’t resist including this quote from Kurt Stone:

"Of all the historic, mind-numbing changes which '45 has brought to the position of president, perhaps none has been as unutterably dangerous as his attack upon the press; of whittling down American's faith in what used to be called the truth. Oh sure, most every POTUS has carried on love/hate relationships with at least a portion of the fourth estate in public; it goes with the territory. But what has never before occurred is having a president so denigrate and disparage a majority of the media (read: "non-Fox," "non-Sinclair") as to transmogrify it into the ultimate enemy - a traitorous purveyor of malignant falsehoods. In the span of a mere fourteen-and-a-half months, the President of the United States has essentially out-Orwelled George Orwell: he has turned falsehood into fact, fact into non-existence and sin into virtue."

Change of topic but not really...I wrote this in 2014, before Trump was even around:

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Stupid Steve. By Geniusofdespair

I once worked with a guy named Stupid Steve in an architecture office - he did drafting. Yes, I called him that to his face "Stupid Steve" and he didn't seem to mind. He was not stupid IQ wise just in life's lessons.

His most famous quote was: "Hitler ain't a bad guy." Why did he kill all the Jews, he said "To prevent them from starving." Steve was of German ancestry, no surprise there. He had many other stupid beliefs about the Nazis. No matter how I tried I couldn't change his mind...sort of like some of you readers. I learned from Steve some things are futile. It would be like trying to convince Anthony Verdugo to accept a gay person's rights.

Anyway, Steve was always amusing. I asked him once to name one Supreme Court judge and he said: "What is the Supreme Court?" I said "Do you vote Steve"? When he said no, I said "that is very smart of you." He was very proud.

Fortunately, I lost touch with Stupid Steve. I hope he isn't bringing up children.


Anonymous said...

Panic is setting in, all your heroes will be locked up for their crimes.

Geniusofdespair said...

Oh, a stupid person: welcome. The only hero I have is dead.

Anonymous said...

Trump just tapped into all the stupid Steve’s that were out there waiting for a leader.

Anonymous said...

Trump not only has no interest in being a statesman, but instead has tendencies to support corrupt world leaders who are strongmen. If Trump has his way, that is exactly how he would lead; laws, rules, the constitution, the balance of power mean nothing to him.

Anonymous said...

I sense that we are being governed by an Russian supported organized crime syndicate that is ruling with a minority of the voters. Our democracy is quite fragile, and if people don't stand up, vote, and fight, we will lose it. Each generation must fight these forces. Any generation who is lackadaisical, and won't struggle to keep it in tack, will find that our democracy goes in the dustbin of history.

Anonymous said...

Symbolism will be their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Genius, you are a hero! Hang tough. Sad to see so many stupid individuals out there.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you find out who it was that asked Trump to run for President.

Anonymous said...

Some socialogists say the inherent religiousity of the species is why so many have been supporting Hitlers and Trumps. Hate, murder and stupidity will continue to thrive until we kick that habit.

lala blood said...

Anonymous said...

I knew a Stupid Steve, perhaps the same one. He loved his German heritage. He always got into debates with this ultra liberal scrimshaw artist who had a small studio space across the hall. She was a pisser! The last I heard from him, he was in Texas.rooting for secession. :)