Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Why take Parks for Buildings County Commissioners? Enough. By Geniusofdespair

Note that the Museums ate up 8 acres of the park taking 4 each. If you think two new Museums will  use up only 2 acres,  you are an idiot. Parcel B is a piece of shit. Use that if you really want to appease certain groups that already have museum space, but leave Bicentennial alone - I am begging you.

They renamed Bicentennial Park, Museum Park and then forced down our throats two Museums there -- in the park leaving us with about 21 acres -- using up what little green space is left downtown. Now those clueless County Commissioners want 2 more museums except instead of in parcel B, they want to use Bicentennial Park. I am sure they will want to fill in the slip AGAIN that spans between Parcel B and Bicentennial Park. That was the plan when they wanted to put the Soccer Stadium in the park, or was that the Baseball Stadium.

Buildings don't need the waterfront. People do. Do you know how many people are downtown now? You can't drive anymore. Brickell is one big parking lot. They now say they only want 2 acres of Museum Park Bicentennial Park. It is never two acres, you need parking roads etc. Again filling in the slip might get pulled into this very bad plan. Even though the Virginia Key Trust, once headed by Athalie Range,  is planning a history museum celebrating African American and Caribbean Culture, Commissioners want a SECOND museum. And, even though the Freedom Tower is there with significant Cuban history, they want another Cuban Museum almost across the street.  NO NO NO.  Build them somewhere else. DO NOT FILL IN THAT DAMN SLIP MORONS.

Doug Hanks and Andres Viglucci of the Miami Herald reported:
While engineered to defuse a brewing fight over putting the museums on county parkland, the plan to double the museum count at Museum Park hasn’t mollified opponents. And pulling off the Museum Park strategy requires approval from the Miami City Commission, where a key commissioner overseeing the park is already grumbling about the scope of the plan for a two-acre parcel.

 Museum Bicentennial Park. Little green space left with a few trails, parcel B behind the American Airlines Arena on the right in the photo. Green space here is stupid. If you must build build in Parcel B. No in the small bit of green space in Bicentennial Park.

Take friggin' Parcel B. Pile all your damn museums and other crap there. It is so noisy from the causeway you can't hear yourself think from Parcel B. Leave what is left in Bicentennial Park and don't fill in the damn FEC Slip.

Old bad ideas do resurface....I wrote a blog in 2011.


Anonymous said...

Any open space government owned seems to be looked upon by developers and government elected officials as free land to develop, Of course this is at the expense of the public. Miami has fire stations, police buildings, private medical centers, day care centers, etc, already on public parkland. In a city with very small park acreage per capita, stop stealing our parkland.

Geniusofdespair said...

What about the golf course they want to put the stadium on. Is no open space sacred. City brass are prepared to give up Mel Reese.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone been on Parcel B. I was there during a charette. You can’t hear anything but the overpass. I suggest you go there Commissioners especially you Audrey Edmonson and really just listen.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Ugh, when will people realize almost every great city of the world has great parks and spaces, it's a huge part of what makes them pleasant, liveable and tourist friendly.

I highly suggest everyone go to the movie Coco in Museum Park on April 6 and show your support for the park. Plus it just won the Oscar for best animated flick. Go to the other outdoor downtown movies too!

Anonymous said...

7% percent of city area are parks in Miami compared to 14% Cincinnati, 17% Boston, 20% San Francisco, 21% New York, 22% Washington, DC, 23% San Diego.

Gregory Bush said...

Bicentennial Park (now Museum Park) would get glumped up with two additional museums. Really? Do an endless array of museums constantly eat up Central Park in New York? Has the Cuban Exile Museum raised the needed funds to build a museum anywhere- notably when there are other Cuban history museums in Miami? What kind of collection do they have that would warrant a new museum? Professional staff? When is the integrity of scarce park space considered to be important by city and county commissioners? Why isn't there better overall programming in the park as it is - other than an event space for Bayfront Park Trust to make scads of money for city commissioners? Look across the street at one possible appropriate space in the Freedom Tower? Miami has among the least amount of park space per person of any major US city.

And where is the push to follow "the ties that bind" us together (to use Nelson Mandela's term) that bring all of our history together rather than to continue to fragment our understanding of our past? We need to learn from each other's history in a museum that moves beyond the balkanization of our past. But not in Bicentennial (Museum) Park. One can also question whether an endless array of museums - of the old school - are really the way to capture the public's attention about our past.

Where are the political leaders that call for such an updated vision? And what of the money/effort to build a museum on Virginia Key Park Trust land for the African-American community? There is county bond money already there for such a purpose. Who is leading this silly parade ripping off public land for favored groups, (and architects who make enormous amounts of money out of such deals- not to menton the party space and office space for insiders)?

Anonymous said...

Why another Cuban museum? How about American museum, or a Native American museum to remember the genocide of South Florida's Tequestas? What is happening to the Miami Circle?

Anonymous said...

Leaving aside the horrible idea of using waterfront land to place ANOTHER building.... Miami already has a history museum. Why don't they just ADD to the current museum two permanent collections: one about the Cuban Exile community and their impact on Miami and the other about the Black community and their impact on Miami? Much easier than having to build TWO more museums.

Milly from Hialeah said...

I still remember the area before Bayside existed. Now you have to pay over $20 just to go there. Downtown has become saturated and cannot sustain anymore. The best place for the Cuban Museum was the Freedom Tower, and they should have secured the grounds surrounding this building a long time ago.

The politicians will take any piece of open land for their own twisted vision of what Miami-Dade should look like; I have no ideal anymore who they serve.

Here in Hialeah, they want to destroy all industry to put up buildings next to our homes . . . we need revitalization and real jobs near where people live. How about Historic Hialeah Park where they now want to build over 4000+ residential units? . . . And the latest one here is that they want to build on the grounds of Hialeah Middle School (a public school).

We need to save our parks and public grounds AND public schools.. These politicians have gone nuts. Someone needs to investigate what the heck is going on!

Anonymous said...

Parcel B should be a landscaped park with a small mini-soccer field and a small basketball court. Museum Park AKA Bicentennial Park should be green and open. NO MORE CONCRETE BUILDINGS on either site. Remember, all the museums are dead broke. They lose massive amounts of money annually. The taxpayers ALWAYS get stuck with paying for the losses. The Cuban promoters who want the free land have no money and NO EXPERIENCE.

Anonymous said...

Disgraced ex-Commissioner Marc Sarnoff had a scheme to turn over Museum Park to a private entity controlled by him and a few unnamed cronies. They would have paved all the grass and installed Taco Bell, Starbucks and 2-3 ten story sports stadiums. Now Sarnoff wants Ken Russell's seat via an appointment. Barf.