Friday, March 30, 2018

Marriott Hotels Declining Quality Has turned it into a Holiday Inn Chain. By Geniusofdespair

Marriott Hotels once had a certain cache. Not any more. I am so over the Marriott brand, they are now a 1/2 a step above a Holiday Inn. Just as Holiday Inn and Ramada went downhill so did Marriott. I have horror stories abound and I am a gold member not treated with respect. In fact I had one Corporate Executive be entirely rude to me. Remember, all I EVER wanted was for Marriott to set aside rooms that pets were never in. They could not.

Her name is Judy Rapich, Corporate Liaison, Mr Marriott's Office. I wrote to Mr. Marriott not her. I used an envelope, and a stamp. She emailed me back.

I asked about the pet policy of Marriott hotels, her email:

Thank you for your most recent comments regarding the pet policy at Marriott hotels. Your comments to Mr. Koeck have been referred to me, asking that I respond.

Please accept my sincerest apologies for any frustration this has caused. I regret you feel your concerns were not answered in my letter. I have taken the liberty of copying the Marriott properties pet policy. However, a hotel can make an exception in times of natural disasters, evacuations, or when they feel an exception is needed.

Service animals for persons with disabilities (including without limitation, seeing-eye dogs and other assistance animals) must be permitted at all Marriott branded properties
Other service animals (for example, police K9 dogs) must be permitted as well
Do not ask for certification or documentation of service animal status
The hotel has the right to charge if the service animal causes damage to the hotel
Domesticated pets must be accepted

The front desk must display a sign stating "Pets Accepted Upon Request"
Hotels that accept pets must perform additional cleaning tasks in rooms where pets have stayed
Hotel should charge the guest a reasonable cleaning fee of $75-150 USD per stay
An additional daily pet fee up to $20 USD per day may also be charged
Residence Inn and TownPlace Suites
Domesticated pets must be accepted
If the exception is granted, the hotel must follow all guidelines in the standard
The front desk must display a sign stating "Pets Accepted Upon Request"
Magnets or door hangers that state "Pet in Room" must be available for guest room entry door (NEVER SAW ONE OF THESE)
Customer feedback is an important and useful tool for us. Your comments and suggestions are appreciated in our continuing effort to provide you and our other guest with quality service.

This was sent from Mark Price General Manager from a Fairfield Inn in Flagstaff. Fairfield does not accept dogs. It says right there, last sentence what a service animals IS NOT. The one in his hotel room next to me was not a real service animal. Anyone can identify them on sight. They don't bark and leave their owners side.


I wrote back after her email - to Mr. Marriott and got a letter from her this time, not very friendly. When I called and questioned Judy Rapich further and explained to her that these very loosey-goosey policies were not followed at most hotels, she was very rude. I suggested that some rooms be set aside for humans only. You would think that I asked her to move the Empire State Building. She kept interrupting me I finally said can you just listen, it would make me feel better. She wouldn't shut up.

I have given up on Miss Judy Rapich, on the flea infested beds, the wet carpets, the smelly rooms, the barking dogs, the pet dander and the Marriott brand. I like dogs, but not in my bed, even my own dog.

They cannot guarantee me a dog free bed so I might as well use a home when I am away: Air B&B

If you want to call Judy to see what I mean: 301-380-8607. Doesn't take long for her to get rattled. Marriott Hotel Brand Sucks.


WOOF said...

America loves dogs , service dogs even more, random people, not so much.
Impostor service and Emotional Service dogs abound.
The Americans With Disabilities Act grants them a lot of access.

outofsight said...

I can not imagine staying in a room that a sweaty little dog has dribbled through to the mattress. Or scooted on the carpet.

What if you are allergic to cat and dog dander? I have friends that I see outside my house in freshly laundered clothes because of my pet.

I never gave it a thought. Now I will. :(

Anonymous said...

Marriott owns 30 brands, they need to get it together. Their lower tier brands should allow for pets, first floor, near exits. This is not rocket science, it's called room blocking.

Anonymous said...

It's called, management going to the dogs. You can see it all around you, That's why WinDixy filed for restructuring, finally, after decades. Publix is a close second with ethnic (miss) management.

The same thing in local Government, as soon as a person approaches some sort of competence, they get promoted to the next level of incompetence.

Anonymous said...

worse yet- dogs in grocery stores. Yesterday a woman had her unidentified dog on a pillow in her shopping cart as she ordered from the Publix deli. No store employee even questioned her. Ugh!!

Anonymous said...

They are the Holiday Inn of the 21st century.

Anonymous said...

The problem is they do not upgrade any longer. They redo the lobby. They never change their air filters .

Geniusofdespair said...

I had a wet carpet in Washington D C. They didn’t offer me points or to change my room: booked.