Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Boston Dynamics: leading the world to a dystopian future ... by gimleteye

It is not going to be very long before we will look back at this YouTube video and think -- how quaint.

How many more lines of software code will it take, to instruct an intelligent robot to destroy whatever is obstructing it from its orders? Not fiction, anymore.

The animatronic, AI dog is visually arresting but you should be more rattled by miniaturized drones (cf. killer bees) that are much harder to knock down or to chase.

Is democracy up to the task of mediating the impacts of artificial intelligence on society and the economy? Not so far.

In 2016 we witnessed the weaponization of the internet and the application of artificial intelligence (bots) to augment the manipulation of technologies (cf. social media platforms) to political purposes. Moreover, the 2016 election of Donald Trump and the subsequent deformation of the GOP Congress over "intelligence" issues show how base human impulses -- a president's -- are susceptible to weaponized attacks by our enemies -- Putin's Russia.

These are massively important problems to confront with speed. Instead, we are locked down by screeching; over Trump/Russia collusion, over the 2nd Amendment and whether teachers should be armed with semi-automatic weapons. One wants to just shake our elected by their lapels and say, "Stop! Watch this!"

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