Friday, February 16, 2018

Traffic Study Conducted When Schools Are Closed? WHAT? By Geniusofdespair

We previously reported on traffic studies paid for by developers. Here is a questionable study. Were nine schools actually closed for the summer in the study area? How is it possible that Homestead Hudstead allowed and accepted this study? The Kingman Commons Traffic Study for SW 152nd Avenue and SW 320 Street in Homestead -- dated August 1st 2014. The Study is 252 pages long. It looks very official (Scrolling through it, I am sure no one read it). I wasn't going to read the damn thing, am I assuming too much from the date of the study and the (July 17th date I found) that schools were closed? I don't think so.

Traffic studies are just cover for developments.


Anonymous said...

Bogus study. People transport kids to and from school for safety reasons. This study was a joke being done in July.
These city councils are not looking out for your interests. They give campaign cash and other goodies away to be popular with the elected.
Elect new people at every opportunity, keep doing it until they vote for your interests.

Anonymous said...

In 2014 school began August 14, it's all smoke and mirrors. These traffic studies should be signed off on by the school board police for safety considerations. Then again, it just gives the developers more people to bribe.

Anonymous said...

Starts with fake traffic studies, then runs into building codes which aren't enforced and then the legal protections which don't exist.