Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Let's Talk About Guns...again. By Geniusofdespair

Rubio - a total disaster on guns.  But this is not about him.

Donald Trump said he would have run into a school without a gun (I really don't think he can run) to save children being shot at with a high powered rifle. Yes I do think that Donald Trump can block at least 3 children with his fat body, but he would quickly be in a heap on the ground with the rest of the dead.

I was a teacher. I would take the $500 and the training but I would never carry a gun. Does anyone realize that some teachers are unstable? That being said, I would not like some to be armed. Students today can get you really, really angry. In Florida we have that pesky stand your ground law.  Unarmed Trayvon Martin was gunned down for going to the convenience store and the killer got off. I think a student attacking a teacher would be enough to get the teacher off for killing the violent unarmed student - and there are violent students, abusive in words and behavior.

Travon Martin Dead
The legislature wanting to arm teachers goes down in history as one of the dumbest ideas ever. The bill has passed the Appropriations committee in the Senate and House and is moving its way through the legislature.

Where are are the teachers going to keep the gun? I doubt If I could hit anything. I have guns in my home and I am deathly afraid to even look at them. Although I do like my Zombie Killing Hunting Knife with a compass built in.

So Legislators, are you going to arm church members and pastors, people going to see Batman or going to a Country Western Concert? Tell me how anyone being armed would have had any difference in the Las Vegas massacre. It isn't just schools where people are being killed.

As the arming teachers movement passes along in our State Government I can only shake my head. Who the hell voted for this crappy bill? Apparently not the Democrats.

LOL. Really? Highly trained?

They didn't listen to one word from the public that traveled to the State Capitol to speak including the children and parents from Parkland.


Anonymous said...

All I can say, I'm glad I dont have to go in any school.

But I would like to see ostensibly armed citizens, being able to enter a police station, court room, City admin building, church, federal court and office buildings, shopping malls, and for good measure a requirement to carry open weapons when sunning on South Florida beaches.

This would once and for all remove any doubt about our resolve to stand our ground, yeah!

Tong out of cheek.

Anonymous said...

NEXT. Where will it happen again? Florida, we have already had two machine gun killings. Somewhere in the South? The Midwest? The West coast? NE? Where? Which school? Elementary, Jr. HIgh, Sr. HIgh, college or university? Which children will die? Which parents will feel the pain of death of a child?

And the solution is to put guns in the hands of teachers so more people will die? Buy more guns so the gun industry can make more money, and even more people will die? Kill the academic environment so children can't learn? What is wrong with us?

WOOF said...

The NRA and its legislative servants are approaching arming every citizen.
Our representatives may reconsider their votes when every constituent they encounter is openly brandishing the power to deal sudden death.

Anonymous said...

The idea of arming teachers is absolutely ridiculous; instead, how about a tank in the school yard. As to the general situation of moving the terrorist gop'ers in the Florida house and the NRA, I propose we encourage African Americans and other people of color to purchase AR-15s en masse all over the country and also do open carry, etc., where permitted. That will terrify the white boys so much that maybe they will sit down and discuss reasonable gun regulations! Nothing will scare the freaks in the Fla legislature or the NRA or the Gop'ers in Congress than black guys with guns!

Anonymous said...

I don't know about that idea. Blacks generally kill people they know who they have personal relations and problems with. There is usually some motive or purpose behind it. They generally don't seek to kill masses of unknown people who just happen to be attending a public event, a school, or a church. These guys who just shoot any body available, people they don't know, for no reason, are a very different group, and I am sure they have done many studies on them.

Anonymous said...

Genius, you are right on! How about we call out Holly Rachein for voting no on debating an assault weapons ban?