Monday, February 26, 2018

Apple Store Workers, Don't be Satisfied Being Geeks and Civic Morons. By Geniusofdespair


I took lessons at the Apple Store at Dadeland, Brickell and Aventura. Only one peep out of the dozens I asked knew who the governor was. Two instructors yesterday could not name one Senator.

THEY SAID THEY DON’T VOTE, “voting is a personal thing” said the kid. He said his vote doesn't count. I would have liked to have told him about the 300 or so votes in Florida that decided the election in Bush/Gore. I said “I don’t care who you vote for, just vote.”

Let’s target the Apple workers. This is unacceptable. Kids are not being taught. We have to inform them. They have to know more than how a phone works. Maybe we need to all go in and ask them civic questions in between Apple-Speak. Do the Apple Store test where-ever you are.

Maybe we can get the League of Women voters to hold a civics meeting for Apple Staff. This really makes me despondent.

And, I know it is not YOUR kids who are this civically challenged, as  you have reminded me on Facebook, but that any kid is, makes me despondent. A few more terms and I will be gone to carry water for those who don't.


Anonymous said...

Wow, not knowing that most basic of info is inexcusable. Even Facebook tells you who they are now!

Anonymous said...

We have a city commish that will be voting in his first congressional mid-term election. He's also running for the seat. Now that is truly pathetic.

Anonymous said...

From a WLRN article on their website

Where are the college students?

“The fact that they’re not in high school and they don’t feel directly impacted by that specific scenario might be a factor, but I also feel like some of us are paying for our classes – we can’t afford to miss out,” said Ruiz.”

Anonymous said...

Maybe, just maybe the Gen Z'ers will have an impact on the overall apathy of the X'ers and millennial groups. Both of these groups are an enigma when it comes to voting. I am viewing the Z'ers as those who protested in the 60's. We were mad as hell and we were not going to take it anymore thus bye-bye Tricky Dick Nixon. Support these teens, go to their marches, get rid of the ballistic weapons. VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elvis Cruz said...

Civics class used to be a school requirement.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn’t it be great if employers held civics workshops?

When they are teaching you how to use their products, why not encourage the user to write an email to their representatives?

Every device should have an advocacy button for easy civic participation!