Monday, January 08, 2018

Mayor Carlos Gimenez: Jeff Sessions' Lapdog. By Geniusofdespair

Mayor Carlos Gimenez Smiles in Miami, Standing Next to Visiting Sessions
Declining to designate Miami as a sanctuary city, unlike other cities, Mayor Gimenez was rewarded with--wait for it--a visit from Jeff Sessions. And that is about it. In 2016 the Miami Herald wrote:
With President-elect Donald Trump promising to crack down on “sanctuary cities” that aren’t helping federal authorities apprehend undocumented immigrants, some mayors warn they’re ready to do battle with Washington on the issue.

In Miami-Dade, Mayor Carlos Gimenez argues there is no battle line to be drawn because the label doesn’t apply to his county.
Gimenez was expecting oodles of Federal dollars to pile into Miami Dade County for selling out his mostly Hispanic County. Never happened. In fact, according to the Miami Herald:
Chicago is suing the Trump administration over Trump’s funding threats for sanctuary jurisdictions, but the Windy City received the same $3 million police grant from the Justice Department that Miami-Dade did in November.  AND:
But after nearly a year as one of President Donald Trump’s most lauded counties, Miami-Dade is still waiting for its federal windfall. Mayor Carlos Gimenez cited billions in rail funds Miami-Dade hoped to secure from Washington in defending the county’s immigration switch days after Trump took office.
In the 2017 census estimate,  Hispanic or Latinos made up 67.7% of the County. Chicago has a population of 28% Hispanic. The windy city is more than 77% White/Black. You would think that Gimenez would have done otherwise for his County. But he has been a big disappointment, handing over people every day for deportation. I do not remember one Hispanic ever committing a terrorist attack. Terrorists don’t enter from Mexico’s border, they fly in. The only reason that Trump's White followers are afraid of Hispanics is because they have children and will outnumber Whites soon. The Wall is to keep the Hispanics in Mexico not terrorists out of the U.S. The Conservative Right Trump supporters also say Hispanics are stealing their jobs. I say: What jobs? Coal Miner? Now there is a job worth saving.

Speaking of marijuana,  well actually Jeff Sessions, looks like they will be cracking down hard - just like they whittled away at women's rights to choice with hurdles. Chip at it here and there till it is impossible to get. That is what is coming for pot. I am  not a big fan of the drug but the THC in this cream I bought it Colorado was pretty good. Anyway, watch out for Sessions. He is a bigly Genius and pretty Stable too.


Anonymous said...

Why harbor criminals?

Geniusofdespair said...

Huh. Nuanced if you see the world as black and white you will never get it.

Anonymous said...

Don't need to see the world, just the jails.

Anonymous said...

The mayor is a criminal. Just take a look at all of money moving under his nose since 2010.Department to department. Depleting some and fortifying others that have browner probiscus than cow dung eating flies. Gimenez is a mound of dung.

Anonymous said...

If they are not supposed to be here than why would the mayor help them stay here illegally? What am I missing? what is the point of having laws? why not let all of Central America in and our tax dollars can pay for their education, housing and food? I mean its the compassionate thing to do

Squathole said...

Jeff Beauregard Sessions -- J-Bo -- is Exhibit A in the case against bestowing power on short men.

Anonymous said...

As I understand it, a sanctuary city is one that does not use local tax dollars to "round up" immigrants. This is a federal job and, if that's what they want to do with their budget, then so be it. When our local county budget is being used as well, we, the taxpayers, are being charged double. Our police force is plenty busy taking care of local crime and should not be put under pressure to also enforce the xenophobic ideology of our current federal administration. And now to find out that the money is not coming to replenish our coffers is a double slap in the face to the taxpayers who are funding this mess.

Anonymous said...

Your commenters are missing the point. It’s not about the pros and cons of being a sanctuary city, it’s that the Mayor made a calculated and colossally incorrect assumption he would be rewarded. And he (Miami-Dade) is not. The Mayor is a chump who can’t wait to kiss up to power and celebrity. Simple as that.