Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Between Climate Denial And Abdication Of Leadership, Trump And Republicans Put Us Deep Behind The 8 Ball ... by gimleteye

And then, there is China:
Across the globe, on nearly every continent, China is involved in a dizzying variety of resource extraction, energy, agricultural, and infrastructure projects — roads, railroads, hydropower dams, mines — that are wreaking unprecedented damage to ecosystems and biodiversity. This onslaught will likely be made easier by the Trump administration’s anti-environmental tack and growing disengagement internationally. 
Many have lauded China’s incredible tree-planting spree, which began in 1978 and has reforested roughly 100,000 square miles, mostly in western China. Yes, those trees are storing carbon, helping to stabilize soils and reduce sediment runoff into streams, and producing wood for China’s domestic sawmills. But nearly all of the planted trees are monocultures of exotic species such as eucalyptus and aspen, which have little value as habitat for native wildlife. Further, in southern China, large expanses of biologically rich rainforests have been cleared for exotic rubber plantations
China is paying increasing attention to its air, water, and soil pollution, which is among the worst in the world, especially in scores of cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Xingtai. But progress has been limited and large expanses of eastern and central China have become unhealthy places for people and biodiversity alike. China’s leaders and scientists acknowledge that its impressive biodiversity has suffered greatly.
As China’s environmental impact continues to grow domestically and internationally, the Trump administration — with its anti-environmental agenda and nationalist, inward-looking nature — has already pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership. China and its overseas investment banks are leaping into the Pacific vacuum.
The Trump Administration seems barely cognizant of these pressing realities. And that leaves conservationists in a very tough bind. We never expected Trump to get elected, much less to support our views. But the weaknesses of the Trump administration could be leading to a broader U.S. decline that will hasten environmental degradation worldwide.  


Anonymous said...

Delaware River crossing almost cancelled due to lack of water.

Indian Ocean water levels fabricated to promote agenda.

NASA numbers altered to promote agenda.

Been swimming in same sot for forty years, water down by a few inches. I call bullshit on climate change formerly global warming.

Gimleteye said...

Wow. You sound incredibly informed for a bot.

Anonymous said...

A darkly ominous article from Tampa Bay Times by Craig Pittman: http://www.tampabay.com/news/environment/water/floridas-vanishing-springs/1262988
Article on Florida’s springs by Robert Knight: http://www.gainesville.com/opinion/20171221/robert-knight-mixed-year-for-health-of-floridas-springs

Whatever will Florida water bottling companies do when Florida's water dries up?

Zephyrhills Bottling Company (located near Tampa) has been selling Zephyrhills water for over 50 years. https://www.zephyrhillswater.com/home
Silver Springs Bottling company (Ocala area) has been selling Silver Springs water since 1986. Florida water is sold in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, South Carolina, North Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia.