Wednesday, November 08, 2017

The New Mayor of The City of Miami: Francis Suarez. By Geniusofdespair

Francis Suarez with almost 86% percent of the vote becomes the Next Mayor of the City of Miami.

Francis gave a unifying speech to the crowd - Pregnant wife Gloria looks on. Francis said that we are all one City whether Republican, Democrat and Independent.  Success for all --- yadda, yadda --- He  also used his dad's H T Smith quote (see below)
Proud Dad, Miami Dade County Commissioner Xavier Suarez

Dad, Xavier gave Francis some advice as he embarks on his term as Mayor of Miami:
Make Miami and the world safe for democracy. Care for all particularly the least, the lost and the last, to quote H T Smith.

Stand firm to those who would have you compromise your principles.

And remember I’ve got your back and so do about 500,000 Miamians who find hope in your young shoulders, inspiration in your boundless optimism and strength in your amazingly inexhaustible energy.
Mom Rita?
County Commissioner Jean Monestime.
City Commissioner Keon Hardemon in cap.
The lovely Rebecca Wakefield, Chief of Staff of Ken Russell. Didn't see him.

Juan Cuba - Democratic Party Chief for Dade County. Love to diss Dems to him. Surprisingly, he still answers my calls. Such a nice lad.
Power Couple Maribel Baliban and Terry Murphy.
Lobbyists Brian May and Rodney Barretto taking selfies in the Lobby. They do love lobbies.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation to the Suarez family and supporters!

Anonymous said...

What was up with his elaborate security detail? Like for a pop diva or someone testifying against the mafia. Overkill, and very odd.