Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Say Goodbye to the UDB: The Urban Expansion Area Task Force. By Henny Penny

Long range planning, has yet another stupid  public group:
The members present - A lot of these folks are development interests and rock mining interests

The Urban Development Boundary is in jeopardy in a couple of areas -- what they call the expansion areas --- and no one appears to care.  One area being considered is near SW 8th Street, North--- but they won't move the meeting North for that area. The Long Range Planning Department of the County is holding hearings with this task force,  that has members assembled by Mayor Gimenez. Everything is voted by majority and guess what interest holds the majority? Development.

It is a good bet that when Bill Loser Losner and James Humble are on the same committee you will never get good results.  They dominate the proceedings and speak out constantly.

The meetings are being held far, far, South so it is easy for these guys to attend - they live there. It is not so easy for other members who have to travel far, far, south. For example, Richard Grosso travels from Mid-Broward.

The dark side controls the votes.  Good luck with getting a good outcome on this. I think it will serve to give the County Commissioners cover for a vote to move these areas into development.

You would think that this shortage of acreage for viable farming alone would protect the farmland left. You would hope it could stop the "workforce housing" that many are talking about at the meeting.

Meanwhile, as the long ranger planning lumbers on at the task force, there is another application to amend the exisiting CDMP designation outside the line for approximately 45 acres located on the Southwest corner of SW 312th Street/ Campbell Drive and SW 137th Avenue to fit the property. The amendment proposes to change the designation from Agriculture to Business and Office.

The application will be heard by the Planning Advisory Board (PAB) on November 6 and by the Board of County Commissioners on November 8, 2017.


Anonymous said...

total horsesh*t that the meeting isn't held closer to the population center of Miami Dade. Hold the meeting downtown! I can't remember the last time I've been to bumbleF Cutler Bay.

Anonymous said...

Who is the dark side?

Milly from Hialeah said...

The center of Miami-Dade County is actually between the Circle in Miami Springs and the City Hall in Hialeah.

We are fighting our own battles here in Hialeah against these developers, who are usually in the "deals" with Politicians.

Anonymous said...

Application officially withdrawn as of Nov. 1

Anonymous said...

"The center of Miami-Dade County is actually between the Circle in Miami Springs and the City Hall in Hialeah. "

The population center?