Monday, October 16, 2017

Republicans Just Love Donald Trump. By Geniusofdespair

I often think: Would Mom have liked Donald Trump? And the answer is yes. My mother never finished high school. She was a sweet woman but racist. She didn't even like Italians that came from areas further South than where her relatives came from. Although an immigrant's child she wasn't much on anyone except if they were of Italian descent. I could just imagine her watching Fox News. She wouldn't have liked Obama, but she would have liked Trump. Did I mention she read the National Enquirer. My father, on the other hand, was very intelligent but a cruel and vindictive person, much like Donald Trump. He was a Democrat who gave me money to go march on Washington to protest the Vietnam war. He wouldn't have liked Donald Trump one bit even though his erratic behavior was just like Trump's.

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Anonymous said...

Why so hard on your father?

Anonymous said...

We are reminded of "the good old days" every so often when we watch the credits on pre-1980 movies or when we take a nostalgic view of South Florida through the vintage reporting of Ralph Renick. It was a world without blacks, Hispanics, very few women and no openly gay men and women. Back in those days having a Hispanic surname was a curse. It meant less of a chance of being hired and forget about being accepted in high society WASP circles. They were the good old days for the controling group and the rest opened doors or worked in kitchens. I thought we had crossed that bridge when our country elected a mixed race individual named Obama as president a few years back but the hate monster rose again through a mouthpiece called Donald Trump. If you doubt what I say, check out video of the launching of the Apollo flights of the mid to late 1960s and count how many minorities you see in the room. The "good old days" were not so good for all.

Anonymous said...

Your intro about hating the southern Italians gave me a chuckle, so true. Decha vue, in another place.