Thursday, September 28, 2017

Goofball World Leadership: Korean Kim just like 45. by Geniusofdespair

Kim and Donald have a lot in common. So much so, if Kim weren't Korean, I would think he were separated by birth from Donald Trump, your President.

They both have really bad hair. Their hair will go down in history as legendary.

They both have the exact same body type, overweight. They both have small hands. They both resort to name calling as the first line of defense.

Both men have incredibly pretty wives but Kim's wife has sort of disappeared:

Ri Sol Ju

 Both men are cavalier about using nuclear weapons, although Trump has too many Generals hovering around him so he can't actually launch any...yet.

Did you ever meet someone and right away you don't like them and then you realize, it is because they are just like you. I think that is the case here. One is as crazy as the other. Meanwhile, the world is worried with unpredictable Trump at the helm, even North Koreans:

BERN, Switzerland — North Korean government officials have been quietly trying to arrange talks with Republican-linked analysts in Washington, in an apparent attempt to make sense of President Trump and his confusing messages to Kim Jong Un’s regime.

The outreach began before the current eruption of threats between the two leaders but probably will become more urgent as Trump and Kim have descended into name-calling that, many analysts worry, sharply increases the chances of potentially catastrophic misunderstandings.

“Their number-one concern is Trump. They can’t figure him out,” said one person with direct knowledge of North Korea’s approach of experts on Asia with Republican connections.


Anonymous said...

Anybody that has trouble understanding tRump, only needs to watch rerun's of the "apprentice" , It becomes clear that we are dealing with a snake oil salesman at a carney.

Anonymous said...

Kim and Don remind me of 2 adolescent boys on the playground waving their dicks at each other.

Anonymous said...

When you have two people who both are attention-suckers, they hate each other. They think that the other is sucking all of the air out of the room.