Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Election Results: Annette Taddeo Is The State Senator in District 40! By Geniusofdespair

 Results of The Special Election Today...

Newly elected State Senator Annette Taddeo (Dem) beat Jose Felix Diaz (Rep) 50.95% to 47.21%. Annette trounced Jose on election day with 7,269 votes to his 4,878. He beat her in the absentee ballots but she got more than twice the votes during early voting.....2,834 to 1,376.  Annette Taddeo ended up  with 22,649 votes and Jose Felix Diaz got 20,895.

There are 333,706 registered voters in District 40 and 49,025 votes were cast. The voter turnout was 14.69%.   This is very important. We picked up a Democratic seat in the State Senate.

Thank you Annette, for running and winning!


Anonymous said...

In this district, a Florida backlash against Trump and Scott just started. About friggin time.

Anonymous said...

The backlash was against Artiles and his party.

Lois Jones said...

Congratulations Annette on your spectacular achievement! If there is one Democrat I can speak well for it is you. You know me well to be a conservative Republican, but there is not one bad thing I can say about you. I have always known you to be a person of good character and honor and if there is one thing I can vouch for is that you will never be anything but.

As I have told the squadron of people who have called me since your victory, you are a decent and kind woman who have always greeted me with respect coupled with a hug and kiss every time I have seen you…and never a bad word.

Most of all, I know without a doubt that you will work with all your colleagues from both sides of the aisle toward a better Florida for all of us no matter the Party. You are that kind of woman and I want my side to know that they can depend on you to deliver with them for our great state of Florida.

I will give you time to glory in your victory and then I will be sure to visit for at least that sweet hug and kiss.

Enjoy your victory Annette. It is well deserved.

Love and best wishes for a productive career,

Lois Jones

Anonymous said...

Annette won because of

All of the above...Trump, Scott, Artiles, sexism, racism and climate change deniers, charter school shenanigans, Corporate favoritism and did I say Trump!

Bill Foot

Donald Allen said...

It is very refreshing that I am now represented by a progressive Democrat after suffering many years of conservative Republicans. Hope thi is the start of a new trend. Wishing Senator Taddeo absolute success!

Anonymous said...

It's refreshing that Annette won and won uncontested. She is one class act and deserves this office hands down. She had resilience in the face of really nasty comments about her running for office in the past and not succeeding. People said she should step aside. Bullshit. She never backed down. What a leader!