Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The END OF THE URBAN DEVELOPMENT BOUNDARY? The task force formed by Mayor Gimenez. By Geniusofdespair

This is the mission of the task force (Membership and location of the meetings is key to the this one):

The first word on each  of the three could have been: EVALUATE instead of Change and Create...

What I wrote on Monday:

You might think there is nowhere to expand without destroying the viability of farming, or encroaching on the Everglades in South Dade, but then you might be wrong. There appears to always be room for expansion of the urban areas. You just have to identify those areas. Not an easy task. Stopping additional development is not an option for the County, although many of you might wish for that to ease your daily traffic frustration.

A group of stakeholders will convene today at 1pm at the South Dade Regional Library to consider areas for expansion. An evaluation and appraisal plan is required every 7 years by the state: The Ear. It is a report to the State on how the County is carrying out it's master plan along with recommendations to change the master plan. The Urban Development Boundary is incorporated in the master plan.

If you are near the location you might want to attend as the meetings are public, although you are not allowed to comment. There will be public sessions for comment but not now.