Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Ready to Dump the U.S.? By Geniusofdespair

Checking out the West Coast of Canada for livability... just in case. So far, after one day, things look promising. They like tea. That is an excellent sign of civility. They have tea brewers in the hotel. I had an excellent scone. There is more bird shit here than I have ever seen in one place. The streets and awnings are mike covered with it. That is strike one.  It stays light until 9 pm but that is only in the summer. The country is officially bi-lingual, French and English. Since I am mainly hanging out with tourists, it is hard to make sweeping generalizations-- but no one has said: Gee you have a great President. No talk of 45 here.

I haven't made any other startling findings. That is it so far, tea likers.

ALERT: I am told the dreary white sky in Victoria and Vancouver is smoke from the fires around the National Parks burning out of control. That is exactly where I was headed.

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