Thursday, July 06, 2017

Two Governments = Unbridled Growth. Guest Blog By Sidney Robinson

The land in question is outside the city of HUDSTEAD. Oh, no!

In one end of town, East Homestead, --- City Fathers, --- last week’s council meeting have given carte blanche to developers allowing 400 apartments/townhouses on 50 acres of pristine agricultural land and in the northwest part of town on the Avocado Krome boundary line, 296 St & 178 Ave, Dade County Gov, -- UMSA -- has an application to change the zoning -- agricultural to EU-M on 27 acres of avocado grove land.

Last week’s Redland Community Council’s hearing had neighbors of that section of town and Redland in an uproar with the county’s recommendation allowing 67 DENSELY PACKED homes on a very small parcel. The angry crowd of approximately 150, standing outside the government center over crowded auditorium, had their voices heard to five members of the CC 14 board. The chairman proceeded the meeting in spite of the large turn out and after three hours of testimony the outcome was for the applicant and the attorney to meet with the neighbors and community. ---Juan Mayol was the attorney and Persea, LLC, the developer. (This meeting should have been done weeks in advance of the hearing.)

It may have set well with all of the opposition had the developer asked for 1-acre--EU-1 zoning. Four laning Krome and a potential traffic bottleneck at Avocado Drive, this northwest part of Homestead, should stay very low density and have the agricultural, historic look it has had since the beginning. What has been stated above, we might ask, “Is the future of Homestead and South Dade following in unbridled growth?”

Sidney Robinson


Since Juan Mayol is only lobbying for these entities, who really owns the land (Persea did not show up in a sunbiz search) and I don't see them below, could it be Century???:

ORION-DNK, LLC05/26/2017NONEActive
GROVE BLUFF, LLC04/07/2017NONEActive
WAWA, INC04/05/2017NONEActive


Anonymous said...

So the Krome family is selling out to developers?
That opens up the surrounding parcels as well assuming that is a Medora Krome property below.
It's really sad that Pioneer families make these choices to destroy their heritage lands.
I know. It's all about the money.
But really, couldn't they find a better future user for the land?
Last time I was in the area I was saddened by the traffic at Avocado and Krome. Gridlock already.

Anonymous said...

Hey, the people voted for Rick Scott and Donald Trump. Local electeds take their cues. Think your voice counts?

Anonymous said...

The buyer is Sam Nevel, Trustee, whatever that means. Persea is a Virginia limited liability co. owned by several members of the Krome family. The site is three separate parcels, owned by the local Kromes and their far flung relatives. The application makes that clear.
Score one for the good guys on the deferral. Yes, its a Tale of Two Homesteads.

Anonymous said...

The application was for 67 home sites of 15000 square feet each on 26.8 acres. 2.5 homes per gross acre.

Anonymous said...

If the Virginia company is doing business in Florida then they need to register. Also Juan needs to register to lobby.

Anonymous said...

Mayol and fellow lobbyists will have a special place in hell paved with asphalt and concrete. This particular SOB is busy helping pave the way to paving what little is left undeveloped in South Dade. And utter shame to that pioneer family. When Krone becomes 4 lane may their Krome ancestors haunt them from their graves for not finding a better solution than from Avocados to mega mansions. I hear all the time blame the immigrants, blame the Cubans for all the development ills of this County. Well I would say you can almost excuse a recent immigrant diaspora for not having a sense of place and history for a unique place like SW Dade. But no way to excuse a pioneer clan who does understand the need to preserve heritage over the all mighty dollar. And the neighbors, well not to judge, but I bet most of them are operating on not more than NIMBY. How much do they truly care for heritage? Sorry if this sounds jaded but my rose colored glasses are shattered from seeing to much green $ change hands over dying lands.

Anonymous said...

To add insult to injury, last Friday the City of Homestead completed the demolition of the 1912 Bank of Homestead building at the corner of Krome and Mowry. In any other city in the State of Florida, a building erected in 1912 would be rehabilitated and made into a showpiece of history. Not in Homestead, where greed and selfishness rule the town. The argument was made that the building was contaminated with mold, asbestos and had radon problems. All of those problems can easily be fixed. No, those were just excuses to gut the core of historic Homestead. Gretsas and his dictator buddy, Porter, just ran roughshod over history. Next up is the 1922 Redd bulding and after that, the 1913 Fuchs Bakery building. History in Homestead? Nah. Who needs history when it stands in the way of lining the pockets of corrupt politicians? So sorry you Black councilpeople didn't get your 75% pension raise, too. 85% of your salary at age 50? Nice if you can get it.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anom above;

The application for the Krome property is in the county, not the city of Homestead. The application is across the street outside the city of Hmstd in an already trended area--mainly agricultural

Anonymous said...

The Krome hering was before the county's Community Council 14 and not the city of Homestead. There are 2 governing entities.

Some years ago those living in Redland's Edge between the City Border and the County's UDB wehre this application lies could have possibly incoporated to a viable city. It is a wonder now that the City of Homestead hasn't tried to annex this area into its city. As the City has been expanding Eastward, Redland's Edge for the time being is safe for now. Curt Ivey, former Homestead City Manager about 15 years ago at first Baptist Church, then a meeting place on 292 street was booed out of the church for city annexation. Never will we forget it.