Monday, June 19, 2017

Most County Contracts Need a Closer Look. By Geniusofdespair

We all want to get the best traffic flow and there is now software available to monitor traffic at lights and change the lights to accommodate what is going on in real time. But do we want to get ripped off in the process with this $11,852,000 contract? No Bid contracts suck.

The County is ready to approve this no bid contract. However, the perks within it will cost us. They want to charge us licensing fees yearly. We are paying $2,280,709 for the software and $987,236 for installation documentation. Why don't we pay the licensing fee only once the OIG review asks? There is a $716,550 cabinet fee (85 of them). We already have cabinets. Why can't their devices fit in our cabinets? Here are the 4 main concerns the Inspector General had with the contract:

1. Software and Documentation Fees should NOT be on an annual basis.
2. The Contract includes the option to purchase Econolite Cabinets that are neither FDOT nor Miami-Dade County approved. (ROLY MARANTE IS THE LOBBYIST FOR ECONOLITE - REBECA SOSA'S FORMER CHIEF OF STAFF.)
3. The installation of video detection cameras necessitates a high degree of routine maintenance, whose costs should be included in the contract pricing.
4. The arrangement between Miami-Dade County and WAZE is not clear, even though a $127,100 enhancement to interface with WAZE is included in the price of the BW9872-1/20.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the side effects when Government is run like a business.

Reminds me of publishers clearing house pulling the yarn over the eyes of seniors, eager for some attention.

WOOF said...

Can Miami-Dade be the first metropolitan area
to adapt such a traffic control system?
Who else has a system and does it work ?
Will it control train traffic ?

Geniusofdespair said...

Will it help foot traffic?

WOOF said...

Pedestrians are suspect and the first sacrificed.

Anonymous said...

This is just the tip of the iceberg. The water and sewer dept. is being fleeced on a daily basis. I will not mention anything about the billion dollar consent decree and all the "consultants" at the feeding through. Daily purchases for goods and services have to go through the small business enterprise list. Many of these vendors manipulate their corporate documents to avoid the caps on qualifying for small business status. Even though the larger vendors are approved vendors they will not be invited to bid on the first round. The SBE's consistently charge at least 30% above the other vendors. It makes me sick every day that I have to participate in this fiasco. These SBE's are the same people you see at all the galas and events with our mayor and commissioners. As far as services, even when the employees can show concrete proof of 30 to 40 percent savings performed faster and at a proven higher quality, management finds a way to have outside contractors perform the work. Yes I am biased because I'm an employee at WASD but I'm a taxpayer and right is right and this is wrong!

Anonymous said...

Tell us more please? Who are the players?