Saturday, June 10, 2017

It's Saturday: Eye on Miami Editorial Day. By Geniusofdespair


The Mummy really wasn't that bad. Tom Cruise was not  as annoying as critics claimed. Russell Crowe, now he played a really stupid part but the rest of the cast were fine. If the critics can like Transformers, then I am surprised they panned this movie so badly. I would give it 2 stars. I didn't feel like getting up and leaving the theater. Yes the plot was totally implausible but the name of the movie was the Mummy so what else would you have been expecting?


Donald Trump or James Comey? I put my money on Trump. This reminds me of Anita Hill and Clarence Thomas. Anita Hill was more than plausible. Can we do anything about all this lying?
It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled. - Mark Twain
I saw this clip yesterday, a reporter asked Trump if he discussed ??? that was important to her country. Trump said no we didn't discuss it. Then off camera you hear President Klaus Iohannis of Romania say, yes we discussed it.  So Trump lied a few minutes after accusing Comey of lying.

I can't find the clip, just found it! The woman publishing the press conference curiously left out of the clip the part where Trump lied to the reporter. Good video nonetheless, watch it damn it.

Lying comes much too easy for Trump. 35% of Americans thought he was honest in March. I believe Comey a thousand times over Trump. Sad. Bigly Sad. Very, very, very bigly sad.


A lot of rain. Day after day. Miami had 10.94 inches of rain in the first 10 days of this month. Average would have been 2.64 inches. Our year to date total is 24.42 inches. So in 5 months we had 14 inches and almost as much in the last 10  days.


Anonymous said...

At least these kids will remember having had fun, paddling in the flooded street's, when it still would subside after a few days.

Barbara Falsey said...

love that got you moment!!! what a pout he had on :))))

Anonymous said...

Trump is really a strange person. I have never met or experienced anyone like him on the lying scale. I have interfaced with people who occasionally lie, or lie on really critical things. But I have never experienced anyone who lies continuously all through the day up and down the lying scale from little insignificant lies to big powerful impactful lies as though they are a normal part of thinking and speaking. That he knows that everyone knows they are lies, does not seem to matter to him. For the people who have to interact with him daily, it must be awful.

Anonymous said...

We have to begin now thinking and working on the future, as we can't just focus on the here and now. When the future comes we need to be prepared. Trump will bring the nation to its knees, and try to take down as many others as he can with him. He will be forced to resign or be impeached. So we plan for Pence. If he is involved, its Ryan. Congress will be realigned next year and we need to get a group together to get the Obamacare patch-up ready, and get the Medicaid increase money in place for the states. The government is now operating on remote control with career professionals pulling the load. The new President will have their hands full just trying to clean up world affairs, getting new secretaries, filling the 4,000 positions that are now vacant, getting the government running again, and establishing a sense of order in the world.

Geniusofdespair said...

We need a presidential candidate to hit the trail NOW!

Anonymous said...

What makes anyone think the 4000 plus position filling is on the GOP agenda at all. They have been clear about drowning the government in the bathtub since Raigun.

With Pence nothing will change, except the mad hat tweeter.

Anonymous said...

Well, with Pence or Ryan, the craziness is over, our position in the rest of the world is stable, and our focus is legislative. He will have to deal with a completely different Congress- Pelosi in the House, and Schulmer in the Senate. That is the near term scenario.

Anonymous said...

OK! For presidential candidates, let's start looking more intently at the Senate, the House, and State governments. There will be a lot of clean-up for our next democratic President so the learning curve should be as short as we can get it.

Anonymous said...

Senate - Warren (MA); Blumenthal (CT); Al Fraken (MN); Harris (CAL); Nelson (FL); Udall (NM), Durbin (IL)

House - Pelosi (CAL); Schiff(CAL); Crist (FL)

Governors - Brown ( CAL); Cuomo (NY); Hickenlooper (COL); Dayton (MN)

That's enough to start looking.