Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In 2016 election, on cyber security Dems and GOP played T-Ball, while Russians fielded their major league teams ... by gimleteye

Must read, from Wired: "How An Entire Nation Became A Test Lab For CyberWar".

"From the beginning, one of this war’s major fronts has been digital. Ahead of Ukraine’s post-revolution 2014 elections, a pro-­Russian group calling itself CyberBerkut—an entity with links to the Kremlin hackers who later breached Democratic targets in America’s 2016 presidential election—rigged the website of the country’s Central Election Commission to announce ultra-right presidential candidate Dmytro Yarosh as the winner. Administrators detected the tampering less than an hour before the election results were set to be declared. And that attack was just a prelude to Russia’s most ambitious experiment in digital war, the barrage of cyberattacks that began to accelerate in the fall of 2015 and hasn’t ceased since."


Anonymous said...

Hellllloooooooooo, nobody posting, Yes its a long read, but after slugging trough y'all learn something!

I could foresee at least one good use of these cyber attacks, cripple the hate spewing networks among our society.

Another one, if your thinking of joining a solar electric producing group, it may be a good idea to decouple it from the net. you'll feel pretty smug when your lights are on in a sea of blackout.

Anonymous said...

The technology is moving faster than we thought. Bad actors are moving quickly into new spaces created by technology, and we are somewhat behind and are trying to catch up. We have to move from the here and now, and move into the future. Otherwise, when the future comes, we will be fumbling around like we are now, trying to figure our what happened. Very soon work as we know it won't exist. We really don't have time to deal with someone like Trump. We won't be able to compete with entities being created by AI. They will have to dumb down to communicate and interface with us. The clock is ticking. . .