Monday, June 26, 2017

Always Amused by Hudstead Antics. By Geniusofdespair

Vote me Out: I am too Greedy to Serve You!

Major Chutzpah going on in Homestead. Councilman Jimmy Williams tried to get his own pensions increased and that of the council. According to the Miami Herald's Monique Madan:
A Homestead councilman’s move to increase most council members’ pension benefits by about 75 percent during an election year failed when citizens questioned the council’s priorities during a public hearing, one calling the measure a “disgrace.”
Councilman Jimmie Williams, who sits on the city’s pension board, proposed an ordinance that would increase the amount of money elected Homestead officials receive, lower the age requirement, and lock in automatic 2 percent raises every year.
The measure died 4-3 on Wednesday; Councilman Elvis Maldonado and Vice Mayor Patricia Fairclough voted with Williams in favor.

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Elvis and Patricia Fairclough, you both are connivers too,  trying to get this self serving money from a poor city.  All three of you should be ashamed.  Get jobs if you need money. None of us have pensions.

Homestead should thank Mayor Jeff Porter and Councilmen Burgess, Roth and Shelley for holding off this crappy, greedy idea.

Jimmy why don't you ask Wayne Rosen for a pension. You have been kissing his behind for a long time.


Anonymous said...

Not to quick to thank the Mayor, he already enjoys the pension benefit the others are seeking. His no vote is more of an I got mine now you get yours!!

The elected officials not only get a generous pension for attending two meetings per month, they get free family health care for life!!

Anonymous said...

Three council in it for the $$$, nothing else. These are VERY FAKE politicians.

Is Williams still living in Miami Gardens? Is he still partners with Wayne Rosen? Rumor is his city benefits are being garnished by the Snappers landlord.

Is Maldonado still working for Marcus and Porter without disclosing it? Is he paid in cash? Is he still driving city vehicles while collecting a $1,000 car allowance monthly?

Will Fairclough vote again to give her employer $775,000? Is she still lobbying the rest of the council for Wayne Rosen from the council chambers?

Think before you vote Homestead.

Anonymous said...

Still no body cameras for cops but millions are being spent on pie in the sky downtown projects with no public support. Attempting to run Flagship Cinema out of business by giving land away to another theater operator. The city is a mess and you have to blame the legislative policy of the electeds. They are neglecting the residents and business owners by trying to leave a legacy of architecture. Meanwhile, crime on the increase, trash all over downtown, beggars in the streets and roads in need of repairs.
Maybe more bonds are needed to just run the city and increase the pensions for Councilmen Williams, Maldonado and Councilwoman Fairclough.

Anonymous said...

Wayne Rosen convinced Homestead to try and get him $10,000,000 from the county for the golf course, on last week's agenda and then pulled at the last minute. Looks like two crappy agenda items was one too many, so they decided to go with the Council Pension Increase only.

Anonymous said...

You haven't heard, Homestead is rich? Budget increased by $40MM this year.
What's unusual for the Homestead council is to want theirs off the bottom. Their cut usually comes off the top. Let that sink in.

Anonymous said...

Apathy is the problem folks!

There are no real opponents out there campaigning and they know it. The arrogance at city hall is like no other time in history. Send them a message in November. Find some good honest people and get walking and talking.

Anonymous said...

Steve Shyster needs to get a life and stop doing the "stuff" he's doing. Let's see how the council votes AFTER the elections and we'll see who you are thanking then.

Mr. Hill, if you would advocate for whatever it is you want, i.e., body cameras, in a professional, humble manner, maybe the council would give you the time of day. The days of demanding and expecting are long gone. And...if you align yourself with loony bins, no one will ever take you seriously.