Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#Comey's Firing and S-Town ... by gimleteye

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I know exactly where I was in the early 1970's when President Richard Nixon triggered the Saturday Night Massacre, firing senior staffers who were examining what amounted to treasonable behavior by a president. I'm not sure where Donald Trump was, but judging from his behavior yesterday -- firing FBI Director James Comey -- he wasn't paying attention. Or, maybe, he sympathized with Nixon.

At any rate, my age gives me away. I don't have anything to add but one observation to the tidal wave of outrage building against the Trump presidency.

I am in the midst of a remarkable podcast, "S-Town", by the makers of Serial and This American Life. The story -- details matter -- takes place in a poor county in rural Alabama. Bibb County voted 77% for Trump. The US Senator who represented Alabama at the time was a key Trump advisor during the campaign, Jeff Sessions.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions fired Comey yesterday, despite the fact he had officially recused himself from involvement in either an examination of the Hillary Clinton campaign or the Russia/ Trump investigation. How could Sessions do that?

Listen to "S-Town" for clues. S-Town stands for Shit Town, the description by the protagonist of the story who despairs over the entrenched bias, racism, and ultimately -- despair of the deep South. The despair has many fathers and mothers, but one point of despair is that the law is flexible when it applies to the powerful.

Jeff Sessions, who fired James Comey on instructions from the White House, and Donald Trump would be just fine with turning the rest of America into S-Town. But we -- including powerful Republicans in the U.S. Congress -- are not going to let that happen, are we?


Anonymous said...

We are marching to destruction at the beat of a fascist drum. There will come a day when Trump's most avid supporters will regret having voted for a megalomaniac who cares very little for America and much more for lining his pockets.

Anonymous said...

Beware of fake conflicts to start wars as a distraction.

Anonymous said...

Beware of "lock her up" changing to lock them up.

Anonymous said...

Trump really fired Comey for refusing his repeated orders to investigate the bad mean kids from 13 Reasons Why.